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Join the Adventure of Star Trek with Coins


When futurist, Gene Roddenberry first created the original Star Trek in 1966, he had no idea he was laying the foundation for an empire of devout, world-wide fans for years to come. Star Trek originally followed the adventures of the USS Enterprise and her crew as they traveled throughout space in the 23rd century. Fans were introduced to now-legendary characters, Captain James T. Kirk, Officer Spock, and Medical Officer Leonard "Bones" McCoy among others.


The premier series aired on television from 1966-1969. The Star Trek brand continued through some ups and downs and was finally re-vamped during 1977 when Star Wars arrived on the scene enthralling millions with space-based stories.


After several Star Trek movies, the franchise launched a new television show in 1987. Star Trek: The Next Generation took fans 100 years forward and followed the excursions of the USS Enterprise-D’s crew lead by Captain Jean-Luc Picard. The series flourished for 7, action-packed seasons and eventually evolved to the big screen. Paramount created 4 full-length movies between 1994 and 2002.


As the years progressed, interest and quality of the productions decreased. However, staying true to past years of experience, the franchise did not deflate entirely. In 2009, Paramount released Star Trek, a big-budget reboot that re-introduced fans to Captain Kirk and his crew. As hoped, the movie was a lucrative success earning a total of $420.2 million world-wide. This positive outcome ensures more films to be created as Star Trek fans continue to grow in number.


Why Buy Star Trek Coins?


For over 50 years Star Trek has been taking millions of fans on far-out adventures through space. With such a strong fan base, Star Trek coins are some of the most popular collectible coins struck. With a wide selection of Star trek Coins to purchase, growing a Star Trek-themed collection is now easier than ever! With various Mints around the world steadily contributing to the world of Star Trek memorabilia, fans will be hard-pressed to find a better way to show their Star Trek support.


Star Trek-themed precious metal coins are a fantastic way to forever own a piece of the Star Trek legacy.