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Movies and Entertainment

Commemorate your favorite characters, heroes, and series with cinematic numismatics today. These coins can make the perfect addition to your collection, or the beginning of a new collection for someone else. Celebrate the memories and make new ones today by ordering from ModernCoinMart.

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Cinematic Numismatics

Since the invention of film, people have been enamored with all things Hollywood and seeing their favorite stars on the big screen and the special effects that have developed over the years. These films often defined “pop-culture” and had a heavy influence on subjects outside of entertainment, such as politics and community. The productions by film-gurus, such as Walt Disney, had the power and influence to change entire generations.

Coins from the Big Screen

Some of the biggest film franchises in the world can be celebrated with gold and silver coins, including Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Star Wars, Star Trek, and many more! Collecting these coins brings not only your favorite characters to your collection, but also a sense of nostalgia. Much like film posters, these coins capture a moment in time that you can keep for a lifetime.

Animated Characters Leap from the Design

Animation has evolved from the meticulous task of hand-drawing every frame to completely digital. Likewise, the designing and minting process of coins has evolved from the "Stone Age" to modern minting-marvels. Many Mints around the world now produce coins with colorized finishes. This provides Mints with the unique opportunity to design coins that feature animated characters from many beloved films, such as the Disney Princesses, Mickey Mouse & friends, and more.