Looney Tunes Coins

ModernCoinMart is proud to offer Looney Tunes coins from the Royal Canadian Mint. A perfect celebration of an iconic franchise, Looney Tunes has impacted the world of cartoon animation in an astronomical way.

Each of the Looney Tunes coins that MCM carries is sure to bring the joy of the past to your collection. This limited-mintage series comes in a variety of finishes and grades and are popular among collectors of all ages. Act faster than the Road Runner to get your hands on these memorable coins. Shop our low prices and free shipping today!

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From the Royal Canadian Mint: Looney Tunes Coins

What began as an advertising effort to promote sheet music quickly became a solidified part of pop-culture. In 1930, company Warner Bros. dipped their toes in the new and exciting pool of cartoon animation. Planning to use animated shorts to promote their music, Warner Bros introduced the world to their first animated character, Bosko the Ink-Kid who stared in the cartoon short, “Sinkin’ in the Bathtub.” After several years of competition with the creative minds at Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros broke through with Porky Pig, Daffy Duck and of course, Bugs Bunny. Warner Bros. was able to syndicate their shorts which later grew into full-length movies, television series an even video games.

The Looney Tunes gang quickly rooted themselves into the hearts and culture of America and is still to this day, aired on television. To celebrate the colorful history of Looney Tunes, The Royal Canadian Mint released this playful, commemorative coin series in 2015.

Widely celebrated for their consistent quality and unique releases, the Royal Canadian Mint continues to uphold their high standards with the Looney Tunes Commemorative coin series. Each coin in the Loony Tunes series features different members from the Looney Tune gang. In addition to having vibrant, colorized releases, each coin comes with original Mint packaging from the Royal Canadian Mint!

Why Buy Looney Tunes Coins?

With so many new movies and shows coming out each year, there is a lot of competition for air-time. In a time like this, only the most-beloved re-runs get to be shown on television. Because of the strong imprint that Looney Tunes made on pop-culture, they continue their popularity and seem to only get better with age.

As the original film fades, their memory remains strong within minds of fans world-wide. Looney Tunes coins make perfect gift for fans of all ages. Because each Looney Tunes coin is struck using high-quality, .999 fine silver, they will continue to shine with unmatched brilliance year-after-year.

Catch up with your favorite character and add the Looney Tunes coins to your collection today.