History and War Coins

ModernCoinMart (MCM) is happy to offer a large selection of coins honoring history. Since so many different Mints produce coins based on historic events, you have many options to choose from. We do our best to stock not only recent releases, but also backdates.

We offer coins certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), a major coin grading company. The experts at NGC will closely examine these coins, and grade them based on their quality. Since these coins are struck just for collectors, all the coins that we carry will only be in the two highest grades - 69 and 70. You'll also find special labels many exclusive to MCM!

All History And War Coins

2016 France 10 Euro Proof Silver Men and Women of the Great War - Battle of Verdun - NGC PF70 UC (Exclusive France Label)
Price: $119.00
As low as: $115.49
2016 France 10 Euro Proof Silver  - NGC PF69 UC (Exclusive France Label)
NGC PF69 UC (Exclusive France Label)
Price: $79.00
As low as: $76.67

History and War Modern Commemorative Coins

History is known to be the study of past events, recorded through the writing or recording of humankind. Our history is full of war, peace, discoveries, and many more events that are a topic of great interest to many of us. While we do not know every detail from historic accounts, the stories and tales of what happened before our time is very exciting - particularly when it has influenced how you live your life today.

The Significance of Coins Commemorating History

While many older coins can be collected to commemorate history, some very special coins commemorate history through their very designs. From coins honoring the 75th Anniversary of World War II from the Perth Mint, to coins honoring what would be the 250th Birthday of George Washington from the U.S. Mint, this is a major subject in numismatics.

These special coins show designs that were created to commemorate important historical events. The proper coin could be an excellent gift to someone who has lived through a historic time, or could be something to buy for yourself to make sure the events of the past stay in the back of your mind. History is a topic we want to keep close at hand, and there is no better way to do this than with a physical coin.