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Floral and Horticultural Coins

Over the years, floral and horticulture has proven to be a popular theme on coins released by Mint’s all around the world. While these issues can differ greatly, leaving a huge variety to choose from, they always link back to the greenery of earth in one aspect or another. ModernCoinMart has sourced several of these key issues, which our now part of our broad selection. Take a look!

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2022 Fiji Clover High Relief CuNi Gilt $0.50 Coin GEM BU
Price: $34.95
As low as: $33.92
2021 Samoa Enamel Flower Collection - Holly 3D 1 oz Silver Enameled & Gold Plated $5 Coin Proof In Box
Price: $159.00
As low as: $154.31
2021 Niue Cherry Blossom 1 oz Silver Colorized Prooflike $2 Coin GEM Prooflike
Price: $149.00
As low as: $144.60
2016 Canada 1 oz Silver Maple Leaf - Mark V Tank Privy Reverse Proof $5 Coin NGC PF69 Exclusive Canada Label
Price: $59.95
As low as: $58.18
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Palau Golden Clover Shaped 1/2 g Gold Silk $1 Coin GEM BU

Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) strikes a number of themed coins that appear in this category. One of their most popular subjects, you will almost always find a new colorized, gilt, domed or proof floral and horticultural Canadian issues in this category.

The RCM Maple Leaf is one of the most iconic coins in this category. Struck since 1989, the Silver Maple has been the prize of many collection not only for its .9999 fine purity, but also for its design which is so interwoven in Canadian history. It can be a great choice for those looking to add floral and horticulture to their silver stack.

Coin Invest Trust (CIT)

CIT is another coin producing organization with a green thumb. Boasting some of the finest modern commemorative coin issues in the world today, this Mint works in conjunction with the Mayer Mint to produce absolute marvels. They have developed two state-of-the-art minting technologies, Smartminting and BGM (Big Gold Minting), that allow the creation of coins with much large diameter then their weight would indicate, or fantastically detailed, ultra-high relief.

An example of their innovation is a coin they minted in 2016 under the authority of the Cook Islands. It features two flowers designed out of quilling, an art involving rolled up, colored paper. It sold out very quickly from the Mint thanks to the magnificent art on its surface. You may find this coin, or many others like it, in this category.

Other World Mints

The New Zealand Mint, the Perth Mint, the Mint of Poland, the South African Mint, La Monnaie De Paris, the Austrian Mint, Mint de Mexico and many others have at one point released floral designs on their coins for either general or collector use. If you are ever looking for one of these releases, make sure to look in this category first to find them.

At ModernCoinMart, coins are offered certified by two leading 3rd party grading organization, the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) or the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), allowing you to add some of the finest examples to your collection.

The envelope of numismatic excellence is being pushed further every day as these companies invent new ways to astonish numismatists with their designs, their skills, and their striking abilities. As a result, we the collectors are able to enjoy works of absolute creativity, stunning craftsmanship and incredible beauty.