Art and Music Coins

Coins and art share the ability to display not only their physical attributes, but represent a culture, time, and place. Just as Aristotle once said, "The Aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance."

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World Commemorative Coins Honoring Art

While each coin design is a piece of art by itself, there are some releases that take it a step further. The Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) is known for honoring the arts with the coins they produce. The RCM has even minted an entire series dedicated to the geometry that is found in artwork, which featured colorized portraits of animals in geometric figures. This technique is referred to as "low poly" art. The RCM is also known for their colorized coin collections. Using a colorized finish, each coin features brightly colored and intricate designs that would not have been possible to create using the standard minting process. The RCM commonly uses a colorized finish on coins that feature superheroes so that the designs can be true to the original comic books that made them so famous.

World Commemorative Coins Honoring Music

The Austrian Mint produces the most well-known series that honors music, the gold and silver Philharmonic series. Each coin features multiple musical instruments, including violins, a bass, harp, and more. Other releases from Mints around the world have featured different composers who have made great contributions to the musical community, such as Mahler and Schumann.