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Australian Coins

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Silver Kookaburra Coins


Australian Silver Kookaburras are one of of the lowest annual mintage silver coins in the world. Savvy collectors have snapped up these one Troy ounce, 99.9% pure silver coins ever since they were first released in 1990. With a new reverse design every year, Australia’s original legal tender silver dollar is a coin that sells out, year after year.

Silver Kangaroo Coins


Over the last twenty-plus years, more than a million legal tender 1 oz. 99.9% pure Silver Kangaroo Dollars have been pocketed by collectors all around the world. Their massive diameter, pure silver heft and one-year-only designs have made them incredibly popular and highly sought after.

Other Silver Australian Coins


Australia mints a number of 99.9% pure Silver Australian Coins worth adding to your collection, including the Wedge Tailed Silver Eagle, Koalas and other coins featuring native wildlife from down under, as well as coins commemorating special milestones in the British Royal family, and many more themes that reflect Australia’s unique cultural heritage. Look to Modern Coin Mart for all the latest issues!

Gold Kangaroo Coins


The Gold Kangaroo is one of Australia’s most popular coins. The Australian Gold Kangaroo has been struck by the Perth Mint annually since 1989. One of the main reasons that this coin is so popular is because the design is constantly changing. This coin is a winner for stackers and collectors alike.

Other Gold Australian Coins


If there’s one thing that Australia is known for in the world of coins and bullion, it’s their gold. Each year Australia produces a variety of Australian Gold Coins For Collectors. Some of the most popular choices are the Gold Koala and Gold Wedge Tailed Eagle.