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Ancient Coins

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Ancient Roman Coins


Today the word Rome can't be spoken without conjuring images of powerful military forces, regal aristocracy, and magnificent works of marble. Roman Coins are some of the most popular ancient coins available today. Among the Roman coins that have survived, the Denarius is one of the most widely collected. Values of the Roman Denarius vary widely because of the same factors that influence the value of any coin. Some can be added to your collection very affordably, while others are valuable enough to be a main feature of any collection. Many of the Roman coins that have survived were preserved in hoards. Burying a hoard of coins was common practice among Romans. The Denarius is one of the most popular Roman coins, but there are plenty of other options available.


Ancient Biblical Coins


Roman coins are certainly very popular and an excellent choice if you're looking to add something interesting to your collection. However, Biblical coins have become a top choice as well. Biblical coins were produced during the time of the Bible and many of these come from the ancient kingdom of Judea, such as the Widow’s Mite. The Widow's Mite is one coin that was largely unavailable until recently and discoveries of it in large numbers have made this museum worthy piece available to practically anyone.