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Proof and Mint Sets offer many options for collectors of all stripes. While collectors often think of proof and mint sets as meaning exclusively regular proof and mint sets, a variety of types have been produced over the years.

The first United States Mint proof set was made available to collectors in 1936, although at that time collectors had to purchase 1 of each coin on the same order to receive a set.

Today, a variety of beautiful and collectable proof sets are available. Some of the most popular are Silver Proof Coin Sets. The first of these sets was issued in 1992. Silver proof sets are exactly what they sound like. If a proof set would normally contain a half dollar, quarter, dime, nickel, and cent for that year, a silver proof set would contain a silver half dollar, quarter, and dime in addition to the standard nickel and cent. Some silver proof sets are released as more collectable options of a series, such as the America the Beautiful silver proof sets. These sets contain each design released during the year, but the quarters are silver instead of clad. Silver proof sets are very collectable and have higher values than their clad counterparts.

In addition to silver proof sets, a large number of Clad Proof Coin Sets have been released by the U.S. Mint. Clad proof sets are very affordable and they have been made in a variety of sizes. In addition to the standard 5 coin proof set, 10 coin, and even 14 coin sets are available. For several years 11 and 13 coin proof sets were made also. Clad proof sets have been released for the 50 State quarters program, America the Beautiful quarters series, and Presidential dollars as well. While Presidential dollars have a different composition, they still fit into the clad category.

Prestige Proof Sets are a popular choice among modern proof and mint sets. Prestige proof sets began with the 1983 issue and the final set was released in 1997. These sets contain the standard coins found in a regular proof set as well as a commemorative silver dollar, and sometimes a commemorative half dollar also. Collecting all of the Prestige proof sets is a challenge due to their scarcity and value.

Mint Coin Sets are an affordable option for everyone. The U.S. Mint uncirculated sets actually contain 2 sets of coins. Each Mint set contains a set from the Philadelphia Mint and a set from the Denver Mint. The coins found in Mint sets are the same as those that were produced for circulation that year, but in brilliant uncirculated condition.

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