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Pre-1933 Gold Coins


Pre-1933 Classic Gold Coins were minted for commercial purposes. The small denominations of up to $5 were used in day-to-day trade. The larger denominations, the $10 Gold Eagle and $20 Gold Double Eagle, were used in larger transactions. All are highly desired today.

American Innovation


The American Innovation Dollar series from the United States Mint started in 2018 and features designs symbolic of prominent American innovations and inventors! This multi-year series will see all 50 states, five U.S. territories, and the District of Columbia represented on Dollars that represent an American discovery or invention associated with the jurisdiction.

Other Dollars


Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars aren’t the only Classic Dollar Coins worth adding to your collection. After the final Peace Silver Dollar was struck the U.S. Mint also produced Eisenhower Dollars and Susan B. Anthony Dollars. Both of these coins can be affordable, but they also can be rare in high grades.

U.S. Half Dollars


From the short-lived Flowing Hair half dollar to the modern Kennedy half, the U.S. Mint has struck quite a variety of fifty cent pieces over the years. Some of the most popular Half Dollars are the Walking Liberty half, Kennedy half, and Franklin half. Half dollars have plenty to offer regardless of your price range.

U.S. Quarters


The quarter has been a mainstay among United States coins since the first one was struck in 1796. The 20 cent piece wasn’t produced for very many years but it can be quite a valuable coin. Popular Classic Quarters And 20 Cent Coins include Washington and Walking Liberty Quarters.

U.S. Dimes


While the half dime may not be in use today, it was actually among the first official U.S. coins struck. The first dime was only a few years behind, and today there are many types of Classic Dimes to collect.

U.S. Nickels


While the nickel is commonly thought of as a main component of U.S. coins, the first nickel wasn’t struck until 1866. ,a href="home.php?cat=750">Classic Nickels include Buffalo, Liberty, and Shield nickels which are all great choices for any collector.

U.S. Cents


It may be difficult to imagine today, but half cent coins were once frequently used. Half cent coins were struck from 1793 to 1857. The first cent was struck in 1793 as well and it has gone through many changes over the years. There are plenty of collectible Classic Cents to choose from including Lincoln, Indian Head, and Flying Eagle cents.

Vintage Commemorative Coins


Prior to the modern commemorative program there were plenty of Vintage Commemoratives produced by the U.S. Mint. Gold commemoratives were struck from 1903 to 1926 and silver commemoratives were made from 1892 to 1954. Some of these coins can be very valuable due to their age and low mintage.