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Whether your interest is in collecting coins that honor America’s Veterans or the cultural institutions that do, or if you prefer to explore our rich history through Commemorative Coin Sets that honor specific people and their accomplishments, ModernCoinMart has what you are looking for. These exciting issues can add depth and interest to every collection. We look forward to being your partner of choice as your collection grows.

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2014 Franklin D. Roosevelt Coin and Chronicles Set OGP
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3-Piece Set - 2020 Basketball Hall of Fame Scarce and Unique Coin Division NGC PF70 FDI Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Signature Label

The U.S. Mint has a long and rich history of striking coinage to mark an occasion, event, anniversary or accomplishment. This tradition goes all the way back to 1892 when the U.S. Mint struck the Columbian Half Dollar and Isabella Quarter to mark the opening of Chicago’s famous Columbian Exposition World’s Fair. Now, over a century later, nearly any important subject could have a related commemorative coin or set.

Over the years the Mint has produced commemoratives as gold coins in the $5 and $10 denomination, along with silver dollars and half dollars. All of these denominations have been struck to the historic 90% metal purity found standard of pre-1964 circulating coins.

The Modern Commemorative era began in 1982 when the Mint struck a half dollar to mark the 250th Anniversary of George Washington’s birth. Since that time, they have struck silver, gold and clad coins individually and in sets.

Modern Commemorative Set Varieties

These Modern U.S. Commemoratives are struck in a variety of finishes, including uncirculated, or better known “burnished” collector’s finish, proof, and even circulation or business strikes. The Mint has even struck a bi-metallic commemorative coin. They often will have limited availability or lower mintages to enhance collector appeal.