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The most well-known of the classic coins that have a $1 denomination may be the Morgan and Peace dollars, but there are other dollar coins that have been struck by the U.S. Mint in the years since the last Peace dollar. One coin that many of us are familiar with to some degree is the Eisenhower dollar. The Eisenhower dollar is very large and was quite difficult to produce because of its size. This coin had a standard clad composition, although several silver issues were struck for collectors. The Eisenhower dollar is a good coin to start with if you're collecting on a budget. While very valuable Eisenhower dollars do exist, a full set can be compiled without much difficulty or exceptional cost.

In addition to the Eisenhower dollar, the U.S. Mint took things in a different direction with the comparatively tiny Susan B. Anthony dollar. Sometimes referred to as SBA dollars, these coins weren't produced for long. While collecting SBA dollars is also relatively easy, there are some valuable coins in this series as well, mainly variety coins. Both SBA and Eisenhower dollars are excellent choices for newer collectors or if you're collecting on a budget. Among classic coins, these are some of the most affordable and MCM is always buying to give you the best selection possible.

Other Dollars (Eisenhower Dollar)

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