U.S. Nickels

When most of us think of U.S. coins, we tend to take the nickel for granted. However, the nickel was not part of the original denominations of coins struck by the U.S. Mint. The first 5 cent nickel wasn't struck until 1866, a time when the silver half dime was still in circulation. While hours could be spent discussing nickels and their role in U.S. coinage, here are some of the things most relevant to collecting them.

Our modern Jefferson nickel has been in use since 1938. This series of coins is one of the easiest picks for new collectors wanting to assemble a full date set of a coin to get started.

Another very popular choice is the Buffalo nickel. This design is a classic and there are options in this series for all budgets. While there are some very valuable Buffalo nickels, there are also some common coins in this series that you can add great examples of to your collection for a good price.

If you really want something valuable, then be on the lookout for high grade Shield nickels and key date Liberty nickels. Sometimes the Liberty nickel is also referred to as the V nickel.

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