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U.S. Half Dollars

A wide variety of half dollars have been struck by the U.S. Mint over the years. From the modern Kennedy half dollar to the Walking Liberty half and the original Flowing Hair half dollar, there are plenty of options for every collector. Some of the most collectible half dollars are the Kennedy half dollars we have today. Since they are no longer a coin that is typically used on a daily basis, modern Kennedy halves tend to have low mintage figures that make them more collectible. There are also some very collectible special issue Kennedy half dollars that were created to honor JFK and the age of the design. Some were 90% silver like the original and available with several special finishes.

Another popular choice among half dollars is the Walking Liberty half. The design of this coin is a classic and a favorite of many people. While there are some very valuable Walking Liberty half dollars, there is also a variety of very affordable options if you want to build your collection a bit faster. Among U.S. Coins, half dollars are something every collector should be keeping an eye on.

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