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Originally spelled with an S between the I and M, the dime and half dime are interesting coins, even among all the other impressive U.S. coins. There are options among dimes for any budget and this is one coin where you can add some beautiful examples to your collection for a great price. While the design of the modern Roosevelt dime has not changed for quite some time, prior to the Roosevelt quite a variety of other designs were used. The oldest examples are the Draped Bust dime and the Bust half dime. Half dimes may not be in use today, or even remembered by many, but they were used long before the nickel.

Among the dimes that are available to collect, the Mercury dime is one of the most popular choices. While rare and valuable coins are present within the series, one of the best things about Mercury dimes is how easily you can add one with a very high grade to your collection. For the years with the highest mintage figures, this is certainly a benefit for anyone collecting on a budget. If you're looking for high values, then the Seated Liberty dime or older designs may be the way to go.

At MCM we're constantly buying coins to give you the best selection of U.S. coins possible. When you want a dime or half dime for your collection, you may be pleasantly surprised with what you find in our inventory.

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