U.S. Cents

Cents and half cents make up one of the most diverse categories of U.S. coins. The first of these coins were struck in 1793, making them some of the first official U.S. coins. If you're after coins with high values, then the oldest cents and half cents are a good place to start. The Flowing Hair large cent was only struck for a few years and a number of varieties exist within this short series. These coins are a reminder of a time when the United States was new. The first half cent design, the Liberty Cap half cent is quite valuable as well.

If you're looking for a series that you can collect a large number of and see your collection growing a bit quicker, then Lincoln cents are a great option. Practically everyone knows that there is plenty of value within Lincoln cents as well, particularly because of the 1909-S VDB. Modern Lincoln cents with the Lincoln Memorial reverse are an excellent choice for newer or younger collectors because of their high availability and typically low prices.

While U.S. coins offer many options to collectors, cents and half cents are a prime example of this flexibility. Whether you want value, affordability, rarity, or an easy date set, MCM has something for you.

U.S. Cents (Copper)


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