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Lycia, Silver Drachm of the Lycian League (2nd-1st Centuries BC) - obv. Apollo/rv. Cithara NGC AU

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Lycia, Silver Drachm of the Lycian League (2nd-1st Centuries BC) - obv. Apollo/rv. Cithara NGC AU

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Why add this Ancient Silver Drachm from Lycian League Olympus to your coin collection?

Lycia was in the southern region of what is present day Turkey, a mountainous territory between Antalya and Fethiye Bays. The Lycians were an ambitious culture, with a great desire for freedom and independence. The Lycian League was the first democratic union in history. Comprised of twenty-three independent City-States, the League served throughout history as a model for political luminaries. The Lycian League was mentioned twice in the Federalist Papers authored by none other than Alexander Hamilton and James Madison. The writings were designed to sway New Yorkers to endorse the United States Constitution.

Imagery symbolic of Apollo.

This obverse features the Laureate head of Apollo facing right. The reverse depicts in a clipped incuse square, a Cithara; with a torch to the left, and a sword behind a shield to the right. Symbolic of Apollo, its legendary creator, the cithara is an ancient stringed musical instrument. It bears an inscription that translates to one of several cities that comprised the league.

Graded by NGC Ancients as About Uncirculated

The Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) has graded this Silver Drachm About Uncirculated, with a Sheldon Scale value of 50-53. The coin will show good detail, light wear, and have positive eye appeal. This is quite a high grade for such an ancient, historic coin.

A coin from the territories of free City-States was an inspiration to some of the most brilliant minds in history. Find out why by purchasing today from MCM!

Year of Issue:2nd-1st Centuries BC
Mint:Lycian Mint
Grading Service:NGC