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There is only one ModernCoinMart

Almost a decade later, MCM was the nation's first and leading online dealer in certified modern coins to set new standards in low pricing, selection, and customer service via multiple sales channels.

As the benchmark, others are always watching and attempting to imitate our business model. Well, they say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

You need to know who you are dealing with. Many have invested heavily in boosting image and perception. That's all well and good, but what distinguishes them? How much of their company image represents true substance and how much is simply playing follow the leader in hopes of grabbing a piece of the pie?

Prior to our current formation in 2004, the number of competing "xyz marts" and "Modern Coin xyz's" was almost zero. Today, there are dozens of them and more coming along all the time.

Competition is good. Ultimately, it benefits the consumer.

The message here, is that you need to know the difference between companies.

At MCM, you won’t encounter slow shipping (or none at all), excessive out of stock products, virtually no communication, teaser rates to lure you in, undisclosed shipping rates until checkout, hidden fees, only cash and/or high volume prices prominently displayed, mystery owners and management, extremely limited staffing, poor customer service or unsolicited phone calls, just to name a few.

We respectfully suggest that new customers do their homework, and stay informed, and we thank our 100,000+ existing customers for their continued loyalty!

All Our Best,
The MCM Team

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