The Gold Stella Returns!

One of the rarest American coins is getting revitalized!

The Gold “Stella” is one of America’s most famous and coveted pattern coins due to its exceptional rarity and colorful history. Struck for only two years, the Stella’s origins begin following the Civil War and the Panic of 1873. The improving United States economy prompted businessmen and government officials to cast an eye across the Atlantic, where integration of American and European monetary systems finally seemed possible.

Since France was the leading economic force in Europe, most European coins were based on the Gold Franc, and were struck to the same size and weight to provide a standard of trade between these nations.  This gave American business owners a golden idea…

The Stella Is Born

America’s effort to create a gold coin comparable to the gold coins used in Europe was spearheaded by John A. Kasson, a career politician, diplomat and one-time chairman of the United States House Committee on Coinage, Weights and Measures. The proposed coin bore a five-pointed star on its reverse, carried a denomination of $4.00 and was christened STELLA (“Stella” is Latin for “Star”).

The Stella was minted in two types: Charles E. Barber’s Flowing Hair type and George T. Morgan’s Coiled Hair type. Today, these coins are extremely rare and among America’s premier numismatic masterpieces. No one knows with exact certainty how many of these coins were struck, but it’s estimated that 440 “Flowing Hair” Stellas were struck between 1879 and 1880. Just 20 “Coiled hair” specimens were struck between 1879 and 1880.

Despite Kasson’s insistence, Congress rejected the idea of an international coin, dooming the Stella to remain a short-lived pattern that would never be struck or issued for circulation.  But while it was never used in circulation, the Stella’s story was far from over…

One of America’s Greatest Coins

One of America’s Greatest Coins

Though it was never struck for circulation, the popularity of the Gold Stella amongst coin collectors and enthusiasts is indisputable. Given the rarity and history of this coin, it is easy to see how the demand for it became so high. 

Respected numismatic author Jeff Garrett had this to say when awarding the Gold Stella a prized spot in his book 100 Greatest U.S. Coins: “One numismatic legend states that most Congressmen gave their “Stellas” to their wives or mistresses as gifts, which would explain the large number of ex-jewelry specimens known today.”

If this legend is true, even fewer Gold Stella Patterns exist in their original form. If only there were some way to secure that historic design for your own collection…

A Classic Reborn

A Classic Reborn

The famous Stella returns on a series of gold proofs officially authorized by the Smithsonian® and struck in 99.9% pure gold. Given dual dates of 1879 and 2019 in honor of the coin’s 140th anniversary, these proofs give you the chance to own the legendary designs as they were meant to be seen—minted with hand-selected planchets, polished dies and multiple strikes for beautifully frosted details that rise over mirror-like fields!

1879-2019 $4 Gold Stella 2-Proof Set

  • 140th anniversary of the $4 Gold Stella
  • 14 total grams of 99.9% pure gold
  • Proof condition
  • Both coiled hair and flowing hair designs
  • Dual dated 1879-2019
  • Officially authorized by the Smithsonian 

The Gold Stella is a legend of numismatics that has realized more than $2 million at auction.  Now, thanks to the Smithsonian, one of the greatest U.S. coins of all time returns! Act now and secure both versions of one of the rarest American designs in the world before they fade away just like their predecessors!

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