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For the first time in history, the Serbian Mint has created a series of legal tender bullion 1 oz. silver coins! This electrifying new program honors the intricate inventions of Nikola Tesla. Now available is the series' inaugural release which pays tribute to alternating current (AC) via Tesla's induction motor - an invention that sparked massive change in industrial mechanics.

The Electrical Visionary

The Electrical Visionary

Born at the stroke of midnight in a dramatic lightning storm in 1856, Nikola Tesla's Mother prophetically proclaimed that he will be a "child of light!"

Dedicated to the study of science and mathematics, Tesla spoke eight languages fluently and was able to visualize his completed inventions in three dimensions.

With over 300 patents, Tesla is best remembered for inventing the first induction motor with a rotating magnetic field. This invention made unit drives for machines and made AC power transmission an economic necessity.

The remarkable thing about Tesla is that he created the induction motor in a way that was essentially perfect. The design has not had to be changed in the last 120 years.

The Second Exciting Release in the Series!

The Second Exciting Release in the Series!

In 2019, the Serbian Mint released the second coin in the series which honors Nikola Tesla's invention of the remote control! Made from .999 fine silver, only 50,000 of these will be minted.

The obverse shares the same design as the 2018 release, featuring the iconic portrait of Tesla. Inscriptions on this side include "Electrical Visionary" and "Powering the Feature."

The reverse features the boat that was used to demonstrate his remote control. The patent number, "120th Anniversary Remote Control," "Wireless Transmission," are inscribed on this face along with the weight, purity, and date.

ModernCoinMart is proud to offer this exciting new release for pre-sale both ungraded rolls and singles, with graded options arriving soon!

Don't miss your opportunity to bring the beginning of this innovative program into your collection.


Nikola Tesla was a true visionary, a man before his time, inspired by wonder and awe. He was far ahead of his contemporaries in the field of scientific and technological development, and his inventions and creations literally transformed the world we live in today. We live in an electrical word, almost everything we encounter has electrical power, and it was Tesla who paved the way for the modern conveniences that we enjoy.

Tesla was a man who seemed to be beyond space and time. He was a master of invention, the father of technology, and wizard of light. He shaped the world we live in today, as a prodigy like no other then, and ever since. He is responsible for the AC (alternating current) electricity that we all take for granted today.

Tesla’s innovative mind and epic inventions paved the way for modern lighting, wireless communications, radar, lasers, X-rays, the radio, robotics, free energy, weather manipulation, and much more. He had a fertile imagination, not a disciplined one. He was an idiosyncratic genius, with an innovative mind and luxuriant imagination, which was the source of his genius but was eventually the cause of his downfall.

Tesla was far more mentally advanced than his peers… He discovered that energy is everywhere and that the Earth holds a limitless source of energy. He was on a life crusade to bring free power to the world, but eventually, he was crushed down by the powerful elite, and the rest is history.

Tesla had over 300 patents in his lifetime, many far ahead of his time. Though he was never able to live long enough to see his dreams reach the reality of today’s technology, his many contributions are remembered throughout this brand-new silver coin series.

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