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The newest ATB location, Rhode Island's Block Island!

2018 5 oz. Silver ATB Block Island Coins

2018 Block Island 5 oz. Silver Coins

America the Beautiful 5 oz. silver coins capture the breathtaking beauty of America's natural landscapes that have inspired countless poets, adventurers, and artists. Today, these incredible sites are protected and are presented through the United States Mint America the Beautiful Quarters Program.

Block Island National Wildlife Refuge is located 12 miles off the southern coast of Rhode Island, the Block Island National Wildlife Refuge provides important habitat for wildlife and a place for people to appreciate the natural environment of the island and sits on a terminal moraine shaped by glacial till deposits creating rolling dunes. The refuge was established in 1973 with the transfer of 28 acres from the U.S. Coast Guard and has grown to its current size of 127 acres today. The refuge also provides habitat for the Endangered American Burying Beetle, supporting the only population of this species known east of the Mississippi River. This refuge is also home to the largest gull colony in Rhode Island and is a critical migratory bird stopover point on the Atlantic coast, with fruit-bearing shrubs providing essential food for the species of birds that come to rest there. These incredible wildlands are known internationally for spectacular bird watching and amazing beach shores.

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