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Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ $20 Gold Double Eagle

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Double Eagle!
Obverse and reverse!

For more than a century, Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ famous $20 Gold Double Eagle has been widely considered the most beautiful coin ever struck by the U.S. Mint. But it’s not the only Double Eagle that Saint-Gaudens designed.

In January of 1905, when President Theodore Roosevelt commissioned Saint-Gaudens to redesign America’s coinage, the artist created two Lady Liberty designs for the proposed $20 Double Eagle: the now-famous figure of Liberty striding forward that collectors know and love, and a second design—one that featured a profile of Lady Liberty wearing a feathered Native America headdress at Roosevelt’s suggestion. This second design was, in his own words, the obverse that Saint-Gaudens preferred. He wrote the president several times suggesting it be used on the $20 piece.

However, the consensus was that the coin should feature the full-bodied image of Liberty, and the U.S. Mint went on to strike the beautiful coin we know today. And while the second image of Liberty was not used for the Double Eagle, it was not entirely set aside. The profile of Liberty would find its way onto the face of the $10 gold coin, matched with a standing eagle reverse.

In the end, only one example of the Double-Eagle Indian was ever struck, and today is the cornerstone of a private collection. If it ever goes up for auction, experts believe it will break the price record for a U.S. coin.

Call Now to Order: 1.888.870.6342

In partnership with the National Park Foundation, you can take home Saint-Gaudens’ original choice for the Double Eagle, struck in from full ounce of either 99.9% fine silver or 99.99% pure gold in stunning high relief, just like Saint-Gaudens’ original creation. A half-ounce gold, standard-relief proof is also available, along with a set containing all three Double Eagle Indian Proofs.

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Saint-Gaudens’ original creation

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