On July 20th, 1969, the world changed forever as millions around the world watched in fascination as a man, an American man, took the first steps ever on the surface of our neighboring satellite the moon. While this achievement was a distinctive American triumph, it also marked a significant milestone for all of humanity. To honor the 50th anniversary of the successful mission, Mints around the world are producing numismatic treasures that commemorate the Apollo 11 Mission and the first moon walk ever, so collectors can bring a piece of this most pivotal moment in human history, immortalized in precious metals, to their collections.

Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Robbins Medals

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, ModernCoinMart partnered with the Armstrong family to create these stunning commemoratives that were based off the original Apollo 11 Robbins Medals.
Since Apollo 7, Robbins Medals (so named for the company that mints them -- Robbins Company of Attleboro, MA) have journeyed into space along with every manned U.S. mission. Up to 450 medals were minted for each mission and given almost exclusively to the astronauts, their families, and the crew that made the mission possible.
Now, on the 50th anniversary of this history-changing event, you can celebrate the Apollo 11 mission with a series of commemorative medals crafted from digital scans of the original Apollo 11 Robbins Medal dies. Best of all, a number of medals contain real space-flown alloy take from an Apollo mission! These unique collectibles are available in various metals, including silver, copper, gold, and a space-flown alloy, as well as various sizes.

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U.S. Mint 50th Anniversary Commemoratives

The United States Mint released a series of seven curved commemorative coins to celebrate the success of the Apollo 11 mission. NASA under the United States spearheaded the Apollo Mission and its success established dominance over the Soviet Union in the space race. The United States Mint has only released a curved coin once before in its history.
Several clad half dollar, silver dollar, and $5 gold options, all in both proof and uncirculated options, as well as a particularly impressive 5 oz. version of the curved design, are available.

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Royal Australian & U.S. Mint Commemoratives

To celebrate the 50th anniversary, the United States Mint partnered with the Royal Australian Mint for the first time ever to honor both countries’ roles in the pivotal event. Perhaps surprisingly to some, it was Australia and its high-powered radio telescopes that allowed the first moon walk to be broadcast to millions around the world. To honor the joint effort in the successful Apollo 11 mission, the Mints have released a first-ever joint set.
The set consists of a half dollar U.S Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Commemorative as well as an Australian 50th Anniversary of the moon Landing 1 oz. Silver Proof Coin, that will only be available in this set.
Australia is also offering striking nickel-plated version of their Apollo 50th Anniversary of the moon walk coin, its blackened surface evoking the darkness of space.

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Barbados 50th Anniversary Spherical Commemorative

Barbados was one of 73 countries who provided a good will message that was eventually recorded on a small disc and left on the moon by the Astronauts in 1969. Captivated by the moment of grand human achievement as was the rest of the world, Barbados has released a truly innovative 1 oz. spherical coin that was crafted to look like the moon! The coin is $5-dollar legal tender in Barbados and boasts an antique finish across much of its face.

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Perth Mint Apollo 11 Commemoratives

A further celebration of Australia’s essential role in broadcasting the Apollo 11 moonwalk, the Perth Mint has also released a special coin program to honor the 50th anniversary.
Their offering is an elegantly simple design that features an impression of a footprint on the lunar surface, representative of that “one small step…one giant leap,” that changed the world forever. The Eagle module that delivered Aldrin and Armstrong safely to the surface of the moon appears in the background.
A 1 oz. silver proof is available as well as a 1 oz. gold and a 1 oz. silver bullion option.

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Canada 50th Anniversary Commemoratives

Canada also played a little known, but integral role in the Apollo 11 program. A group of Canadians working with NASA were hugely integral to getting the crew of the Mission up to the moon. In fact, the legs of the lunar landing module that first touched the powdery surface of the moon, were designed by Quebec’s Heroux-DEVTEK. The royal Canadian Mint has released a stunning domed coin to honor this pivotal moment.

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Charlie Duke Autographed Labels

Our exclusive hand signed Charlie Duke label is the perfect way to display your commemorative Apollo 11 coins.
Charlie Duke is an astronaut who was an integral part of the Apollo 11 mission acting as CAPCOM (communication coordinator) where he was the voice from Mission Control that communicated with the crew. His excited voice is famously heard on the transmissions during the first moon walk. Duke would go on to participate on several missions, visiting space on a few instances, and finally being able to walk on the Moon during the Apollo 16 mission.
Duke hand-signed these exclusive NGC labels which also feature a sharp image of an astronaut standing on the cratered lunar surface. What better way to preserve your 50th-anniversary treasures than with an authentic signature from an integral part of America’s legacy on the moon and beyond?

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Austria Domed Silver Colorized Glow-In-The-Dark Proof

The famed Austria Mint is also joining in the festivities with their glow in the dark Anniversary of the Moon Landing Silver Proof Coin. Stuck from 2/3 oz. of .925 sterling silver, like the U.S commemoratives released earlier this year, this release boasts a domed shape that combined with its detailed rendering of the lunar surface makes the holder feel as if they are holding the moon in their hand.
The specially concaved obverse portrays the moon landing while Earth appears beautifully colorized in the background. The field of the coin is littered with glow in the dark stars that provide a truly out of this world numismatic effect.
This Glow in the Dark 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing Silver Domed Coin from the Austria Mint is sure to light up your collection.

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