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2019 Canada Incuse Silver Maple 1 oz. Gem BU $5 Coin

In 2019, the Royal Canadian Mint is following up their historic 2018 1 oz. Silver Incuse Maple Leaf Brilliant Uncirculated Bullion Coins with their second release to the series! While last year’s issue commemorated the 30th anniversary of the Silver Maple leaf, this year’s issue commemorates the 40th anniversary of the much revered Gold Maple Leaf series.

Incuse Maple Design

Last year’s 2018 release of the Silver Incuse Maple Leaf Gem BU bullion coin introduced new blood into the beloved Canada Maple Leaf Series through the use of incuse devices! This year’s release continues to utilize this technique, offering another striking Maple Leaf design that boasts incuse designs on both the sugar maple leaf on the reverse, as well as on the profile of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. These “double incused” Maple Leafs were struck in .9999 fine silver.

The obverse of the 2019 coin will feature the Susana Blunt effigy of Queen Elizabeth II with incuse striking of the portrait. This effigy has appeared on all Canadian circulating, bullion, and numismatic coins issued since 2003. There are also inscriptions for the monarch’s name, year of issue, and denomination of $5.

In addition, the new coin will have a highly limited mintage of just 250,000 coins, making it one of the lowest mintage bullion Silver Maple Leaf coins ever issued. This mintage pales in comparison to the estimated 25 million silver Maple Leaf coins produced in 2016.

It will also feature the mint’s proprietary MintShield technology – the world’s first and only proven solution for reducing the incidence of white spots on silver bullion coins. This special coating that is invisible to the eye is proven to significantly reduce the appearance of white spots for years and was first used on all bullion coins issued by the mint in 2018.

The new coin will also include the special advanced security features such as micro-engraving that have been used on bullion issues from the Canadian mint for the last several years.

The Maple Leaf: A Canadian Icon

The Maple Leaf is Canada’s most iconic symbol and is known as the “Emblem of a Nation’s Spirit,” where for almost 300 years it has symbolized both the country and the people of Canada. The symbol was first used in 1836, when it was adopted by Quebec’s Societe Saint-Jean-Baptiste, an organization dedicated to the protection of the francophone interests of Canada’s Quebec province.

After that, it was popularized in print, song, and other forms. During World War I every Canadian battalion had some form of the leaf on its military insignia, and in 1965, during the tenure Canadian Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson, the country adopted the red-and-white maple leaf flag known all over the world.

In terms of numismatic history, the maple leaf appeared on all Canadian coins from 1876 to 1901. Since then it has appeared on Canadian pennies (which ceased production in 2012) and on many special numismatic issues in addition the Maple Leaf bullion coins.

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