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Coming Soon: 2019 Australia $1 1 oz. Silver Dolphin Brilliant Uncirculated

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2019 Australia $1 1 oz. Silver Dolphin Brilliant Uncirculated

Dogs have a reputation for being man’s best friend on the earth’s surface, but in the sea, the dolphin clearly holds that title. These stunningly beautiful mammals have guided ships lost at sea, protected refugees from predators, and saved the lives of stranded divers. Defensive of human life under the worst of circumstances, they are playful with people under the best of them. The creatures flip playfully, sometimes shooting above the surface of the waters to the delight of anyone lucky enough to catch a glimpse. They are often top attractions in tourist destinations.

Now, the Royal Australian Mint honors the dolphin with its first ever bullion release featuring the beloved sea-creature. Each Silver Bottlenose Dolphin has been struck from 1 oz. of .999 fine silver. Just 25,000 of this first in the series issue, have been struck, so this coin is sure to be prized and sought after by collectors for decades to come.

Dolphin Design

The coin’s obverse features Ian Rank-Broadley’s iconic right-side portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Rank-Broadley shows the monarch wearing a tiara. Her name, “ELIZABETH II,” is inscribed along the rim. Other rim inscriptions offer the coin’s country, “AUSTRALIA,” its date, “2019,” and its face value, “1 DOLLAR.”

The reverse features an image that captures the lively nature of the sea bound mammal. A dolphin leaps out of the water, rising from the holder’s vantage point over the sun, which sets on the horizon. The name of the animal depicted, “BOTTLENOSE DOLPHIN,” arches above the image in the rim frame. Opposite that inscription is one that offers the coin’s weight and purity, “1 OZ .999 FINE SILVER.”

When will the 2019 Dolphins be Available?

The 2019 Silver Dolphins will be available in February of 2019. ModernCoinMart (MCM) will offer these Coins both ungraded and graded by the Numismatic Guarantee Corporation (NGC) with an attractive and exclusive label that bears the iconic Sydney Opera House.