2019 5 oz. ATB American Memorial Park Specimen Coin

2019 5 oz. ATB American Memorial Park Specimen Coin

The 47th release in the U.S Mint’s 5 oz. America the Beautiful program features American Memorial Park, which is situated in the Northern Marianas on the large island of Saipan, a U.S Commonwealth. Established on August 18, 1978, the United States Congress made provisions for the Memorial as a way to honor those that lost their lives in World War II during the Marianas Campaign, serviceman and locals alike. One of the iconic images of the park, is the Memorial Court of Honor and Flag circle which was dedicated in 1994 on the 50th anniversary of the invasion of Saipan. The Monument is composed of 26 granite slabs, on which the names of 5,204 serviceman and Native Marianas, who sacrificed everything during the Mariana campaign, are inscribed. It is encircled by the U.S Flag, which is constantly raised, as well as the Marine Corps, Navy, Coast Guard, and U.S army Flags. The park is described as a “living Monument.”

The Design

An indigenous Chamorro woman, dressed in traditional clothing, is portrayed on the reverse of the coin, which was designed by Donna Weaver. She stands at the base of the Court of Honor and Flag Circle, fingers tracing the names of those who perished during the war. Her expression is contemplative. The outer edge of reverse is inscribed with “N. Mariana Islands,” “American Memorial Park,” “E. Pluribus Unum,” and the date, “2019.”

The Obverse of the coin features the well-known image of our Founding Father, George Washington. The portrait, rendered by John Flanagan, was first used on circulating 1932 Washington Quarters and has since been used as the obverse for all of the ATB series thus far. “United State of America,” “Liberty,” “In God We Trust, and “Quarter Dollar,” appear as inscriptions on this side.

Specimen Coins

Specimen ATBS are collector coins released by the United State Mint to be directly sold to consumers. They are packaged in Original Government Packaging (OGP) and are accompanied by a Certificate of Authentication (COA). Specimen Coins bear the Philadelphia Mint's “P” mint mark, as opposed to their bullion counterparts which do not. They are minted by utilizing a vapor blasted process which allows for a striking matte finish. Historically, Specimen versions of any given ATB have had much lower mintages than the bullion version.

America the Beautiful Program

America the Beautiful Program

The ATB series was introduced in 2010. It features one historic site or park from each U.S. state or U.S. Territory. Each issue is struck on 5 oz. .999 pure silver planchets.

The historic Philadelphia branch of the U.S. Mint strikes the 5 oz. silver series on a dedicated German coin press acquired explicitly for producing this series. The press was installed on March 1, 2010. It is able to produce over one million coins every year. The .999 pure silver 5 oz. planchets for the ATB series are supplied by Sunshine Minting, Inc., located in the great state of Idaho.

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