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Star Wars fans will love these new 2018 Silver Certificates!

2018 Silver Star Wars Certificates

2018 Silver Star Wars Certificates

Since the original Star Wars film in 1977, the series has become the second-highest grossing film series of all time, and it has led to novels, comics, TV films, an animated film, animated series and more. Its fans span the globe and all age ranges, as it offers both mesmerizing visual effects and a compelling storyline. The original Star Wars, which was subtitled four years after its release as Episode IV: A New Hope, continues to be one of the most popular films in the series. These three silver Star Wars certificates feature six characters and scenes from that original film. The notes were struck from 5 grams of .999 fine silver at the New Zealand Mint and have limited mintages of just 50,000 pieces.

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The Droids

Star Wars Silver Notes!

History of Star Wars Issues

The New Zealand Mint began its Star Wars Silver Certificates Series in early 2018 with Luke Skywalker. The note features the reverse design split that continues with all notes in the series. The left side features a colorized image from the movie focusing exclusively on the character, while the slightly larger right side shows the character in a scene that includes several other elements, entirely in silver. As the first issue in the series, the Skywalker note comes with a Star Wars: A New Hope collector’s album in OGP, which includes slots for each of the notes in the series. The Obi-Wan Kenobi and R2-D2/C-3PO notes are the second and third issues in the series, which will ultimately include six notes. For collectors who love Star Wars, this note collection is a must-have.

Luke Skywalker

Star Wars Silver Luke!

2018 Star Wars Silver Certificates Designs

All of the notes in the series share a common obverse. At the center is Ian Rank-Broadley’s right-side portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Rank-Broadley shows the monarch wearing a tiara in an image that has been a fixture of monetary issues of several countries for years. Essential information about the notes is provided in the corners. The largest of these inscriptions notes the certificate’s weight, “5 G,” which is in the upper right along with the note’s purity, “AG .999.” The face value, “ONE DOLLAR,” is in the upper left and lower right corners, while the date, “2018,” is included in the lower left. The sides of the note outside of the area around the queen’s portrait features repeating patterns of the logo of the Rebel Alliance.

Luke Skywalker

Star Wars Silver ObiWan!

The reverses of these notes echo the designs on the original. Obi-Wan Kenobi wields his lightsaber in color on the left side of the reverse, while the right side shows him battling Darth Vader in silver. The left side of the R2-D2/C-3PO note shows a colorized image of the two standing in front of the logo of the rebel alliance, while they stand together on a planetary landscape on the right. The logo of the Rebel Alliance is included in the lower left corner of the silver image on these notes, while “STAR WARS EPISODE IV A NEW HOPE” is inscribed in the upper right.

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