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2018 5 oz. Silver ATB Voyageur coins

2018 5 oz. Silver Voyageurs American the Beautiful Coins

Continuing on our 2018 - 5 park tour with the 3rd stop at the Voyageurs National Park. We will be leaving the Apostle Lakeshore National Park and travel 229 miles along highway US53 N to get to our new destination. Once we arrive at this third stop – we will find a fantastic 218,054-acre park which has 4 large lakes – namely Rainy, Kabetogama, Namakan and Sand Point lakes. These lakes makeup 40% of the entire park and make this one of the largest water-dominated America the Beautiful Parks in the system. The coin being struck is to honor this park on a 5 Troy oz. Silver coin that is .999 pure. This 5 oz. coin is a large coin which has a diameter of 3 inches (76.2 mm) across and is 4.062 mm thick.

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Voyageurs National Park

Voyageurs Natl Park was designated by public Law 97-661 & amended by 97-405 in January 8th 1971 by an act of Congress “to preserve . . . the outstanding scenery, geological conditions, and waterway system” inherent to the park. The park is located in the northern part of Minnesota, which makes this Voyageurs National Park a must-see for any adventurous outdoorsman or woman that is at home on the water. With a staggering 500 islands to choose from, you will be lost in the time it takes to explore them all. There is 600 miles of rather rugged shoreline and the waterways have a monstrous 84,000 acres. By the year 2001, the park had registered 249,850 visitors coming to the area since it first opened. The park borders on our neighbor Canada and the scenery is just amazing. The park was dedicated to honor the early voyageurs that settled the northwest territories for future generations to live and flourish. In this remote wilderness landscapes, wildlife is abundant and varied. What you are sure to see here are Wolves, Black Bears, Bald Eagles, Loons and the occasional Moose. A majority of the park is rugged hills, smaller beaver ponds and swamps. Don't worry though – there are over 200 campsites and they are all accessible by boat. A popular attraction to this park is that of Berry pickers. There are wild berries in abundance in this area – which include Strawberries, Cranberries, Blueberries, Chokecherries, June-berries and Raspberries at different times of the year. Wild berries are a great deal more flavorful than store-bought berries, but you must be careful to know what you are picking.


Voyageur ATB Reverse.


Voyageur ATB Obverse.

Design of Voyageurs Quarters

On this 5 Troy oz. Silver coin, the U.S. Mint has decided to accept the designs from Sculptor-engraver Joseph Menna and Artistic Infusion Program designer Patricia Morris for this 43rd coin issue in the America the Beautiful National Parks series. The reverse design will depict a Loon swimming casually by a Big Rock Cliff with numerous Hardwood trees and boulders in the background. The scene is very tranquil and quiet and gives you a sense of peaceful surroundings. The inscriptions on this side of the coin include: “VOYAGEURS”, “MINNESOTA”, “2018” & E PLURIBUS UNUM”. The meaning of the Latin inscription of e pluribus unum refers to a saying of “Out of many. One” which is the motto of the United States of America.

On the obverse side of the coin, the depictions include the standard profile view of our founding father George Washington, along with the stamped inscriptions “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” “LIBERTY” IN GOD WE TRUST” “QUARTER DOLLAR”. This is a legal tender quarter that matches the smaller issue quarter but has much more intrinsic value than twenty-five cents

When will the 2018 5 oz. Silver Voyageurs ATBs be released?

The coin will be issued in the traditional bullion and specimen finish. The bullion issue will be issued by the Denver mint and the specimen coin will be issued by the Philadelphia Mint. Both of them will have the mint designation stamped into the coin. As of this date, there is not a set time of when the mint will strike or release the coins to be sold. The link provided above and below will allow you to be notified of when we will have the coins available for sale.

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