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Careful of the stampede; the Black Bulls are coming!

2018 Queen's Beast - The Black Bull of Clarence Silver and Gold coins

2018 Queen's Beasts - The Black Bull of Clarence coins

Once again, the Royal Mint of London - a famous powerhouse in the numismatic community and has been so for many years - has proven that they are a global player in the numismatic world and a tour-de-force of minting innovation worldwide. This is because of their fantastic ideas that have generated stunning coin designs over the past several decades. And the very latest - The Black Bull of Clarence - is no exception.

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The Black Bull releases

This wonderful coin is the sixth coin in their most successful £20 series. This marvelous coin is minted from .999 fine silver while struck on a superb planchet, with the face value of £20. Additionally, the Royal Mint of London presented a strict limit of three coins per household when purchasing from them directly. This is a most interesting fact demonstrated that this coin is expected to be a huge success and the Royal Mint of London is simply unable to determine how many coins to produce.

Impressive design

The Black Bull of Clarence is a Yorkist beast which came to The Queen through Edward IV, the first king of England from the House of York and one of the key players in the “Wars of the Roses.” Edward IV is said to have often used the bull as a symbol, as did his brother, Richard III, the last York king. At the Queen’s coronation, the Black Bull of Clarence held a shield with the Royal Arms as they were born for more than 200 years, not only by the Yorkist kings but by the Lancastrians that went before and the Tudors who came after. The reverse portrays Black Bull of Clarence from the Queen’s Beasts series. The obverse portrays the latest effigy of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II as designed by Jody Clark. The edge of this amazing coin is serrated and is purposely designed so in order to deter counter-fitters. As both powerful symbols are displayed on both sides of this coin, it is no coincidence as the designers intended to represent the power of the British people and the pride of their nation as a monetary symbol and they have succeeded with this stunning design.

History of quality

The Royal Mint of London has been a pioneer in numismatics for some time and with their innovative coins, they have pushed the numismatic boundaries further than anyone in the world. From the ever-famous Britannia coins to the most recent Queen's Beasts - The Black Bull of Clarence designs, the Royal Mint of London has created treasures for all mankind for generations and will continue to astound the world even further with what is to come. This amazing coin is not only for professional investors who are trying to protect their wealth by using precious metals as investment security but also for the average numismatist who wants to have a collection of unique coins that showcase the combined craftsmanship and artistry and for anyone who is trying to have fun collecting beautiful coins with stunning designs.

Don't miss out!

The Royal Mint of London produces coins for collectors and enthusiasts not just in the United Kingdom but all over the world. Several of these coins have earned international industry awards and this upcoming 2018 Griffin of Edward III coin is surely headed towards the same award-winning direction. The silver and gold bullion coins that are produced by the Royal Mint are known as Britannia coins and are the foundation of every numismatic collection, as every collector at some point has purchased these coins for their collection. These coins are available in the certified form, but not for long!