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The newest of the America the Beautiful series, Cumberland Island!

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2018 ATB Cumberland Island

2018 ATB Cumberland Island 5 oz.

America the Beautiful 5 oz. silver coins capture the breathtaking beauty of America’s natural landscapes that have inspired countless poets, adventurers and artists. Today, these incredible sites are protected and are presented through the United States Mint America the Beautiful Quarters Program. Cumberland Island National Seashore in Georgia was established in 1972 to maintain the primitive character of one of the largest and diverse barrier islands on the Atlantic coast. The 17.5 miles of pristine beach open to the public for various recreational activities is a sheer delight. The island is famously known to have one of the largest oak maritime forests, providing an incredible visitor experience and an absolute feeling of serenity. Additionally, there is no bridge to this amazing island and most visitors reach the island by the Cumberland Ferry. The first inhabitants to the Cumberland Island were indigenous peoples who settled there as early as 4,000 years ago.

2018 Cumberland Island 5 oz Silver Designs:

The obverse of the stunning design of the 2018 Cumberland Island 5 oz. silver coin will depicts a snowy egret posing on a branch on the edge of a salt marsh, ready for flight. The Design candidates were developed in consultation with representatives of Cumberland Island National Seashore. The reverse of this coin will remain unchanged from the previous 5 oz. silver coins in the America the Beautiful coin series. Furthermore, these designs will be available in both the Brilliant Uncirculated and vapor blasted finishes, as occurred during the previous designs in this coin series. The edge of these coins presents a serrated design created for the purpose of deterring counter-fitters. The denomination for this coin will be the same as it has been before, for all the previous coins in this series – twenty five cents.

Silver is still the most affordable of all precious metals, and with millions on the hunt for United States Silver coins year after year, their popularity as one of the world’s most collected silver coins shows no signs of dwindling any time soon. Each 5 Troy oz. 2018 America the Beautiful coin is guaranteed by the United States government for its 99.9% purity, authenticity and legal tender status.

When Will the 2018 Cumberland Island 5 oz Silver Coins Be Available?

The 2018 Cumberland Island 5 troy oz. silver coins will be available later in 2018 due to the fact that the United States Mint usually releases the bullion Silver Eagle first followed by several commemorative coins (as has been in the past years). However, the official release date has not yet been announced. Furthermore, these coins will be released as a five-destination road trip and should be quite fascinating as this has never been done before by the United States Mint.

Additional releases in this five-coin series will be Pictured Rocks, Apostle Island and Voyageurs with the final release for the 2018 America the Beautiful 5 oz. silver coin series will be Block Island. The journey to all five destinations is a fascinating one through the eyes of the United States Mint and these government-guaranteed America the Beautiful 5 oz. silver coins are a bargain and with constantly changing silver values, demand has never been higher.