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The 2018 Apostle Islands release from the ATB series!

2018 5 oz. Silver ATB Apostle Islands coins

2018 5 oz. Silver Apostle Island American the Beautiful Coins

Jumping on U.S. 41 leaving our first stop, we will drive west for 249 miles into Wisconsin, to our second stop on the 5 park tour. Located at the south end of the lake is the 2018 America the Beautiful Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. The Apostle Island is located in the northernmost part of Wisconsin at the northeastern tip of the Bayfield Peninsula to be precise. Once we arrive there it will become very apparent why this is a fantastic place to visit.

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With regard to the coin itself, the U.S. Mint struck a 5 Troy oz of .999 fine Silver coin to commemorate this great National Park. If you hold it in your hand – it is a hefty sized coin. The coin is part of the whole series of ATB coins, which consists of coins struck starting in 2010 and will be done in 2021. The National Parks system was created to help save these national landmarks and historical areas to protect them so that all citizens and tourists that may wish to visit can enjoy them for years to come.

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

This park was dedicated as a National Park in 1970 to help preserve light stations that have some important historical significance. Many scientific & geographical locations that are important to preserve for the U.S. are located on this 21 island, 12-mile-long seashore. If you visit the lakeshore, you will be amazed at the fantastic sea caves you find along the way coupled with several coves and sandy beaches. Most of the islands also have trails, sandy beaches and marinas. There are numerous wildlife animals that inhabit this seashore including the snowshoe hare, black bears, White tailed deer, woodcock and some colorful water fowl are just a few of the animals you may see here. The area today is a critical spawning area for trout and whitefish breeding. These are for commercial ventures as well as for the anglers that come to fish here every year.


Apostle Islands ATB Reverse.


Apostle Islands ATB Obverse.

Design of Apostle Islands Quarters

The designers of this coin are sculptor-engraver Renata Gordon along with the Artistic Infusion Program designer Richard Masters. The scene they depicted on the reverse of the coin is where an eco-friendly kayak-er is enjoying the serene landscape of the sea caves located at Devils Island location with a lighthouse visible in the close vicinity. These sea caves are beautiful to look at and even kayak into. The quarter was also designed with several inscriptions along the rim which include: “APOSTLE ISLANDS”, “WISCONSIN”, “2018" “E PLURIBUS UNUM”. The latter inscription is Latin which when translated means “Out of many, one.”

The obverse design has not and will not change for the entire series and it features our founding father George Washington in left profile as the central design along with several inscriptions along the rim of the coin. These inscriptions include: “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”, “LIBERTY”, “IN GOD WE TRUST” & “QUARTER DOLLAR.”