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2017-W Burnished Gold American Eagles are now available!

About the 2017 Burnished American Gold Eagle

While the proof version of the American Gold Eagle has been offered in some capacity since the series began in 1986, the burnished version is another story. Burnished American Gold Eagles are collectible like their proof counterparts, but this finish was not offered until 2006 - 20 years into the series! These coins tend to have much lower mintage figures than the proof version. In recent years, only the 1 oz. American Gold Eagle has been offered with a burnished finish.

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Design of the Burnished Gold Eagle

While these coins have a different finish, they display the exact same design as other Gold Eagles. Unlike the mirrored proof version, however, the surface of this Burnished Gold Eagle has a soft, matte surface that is evenly applied around the entire design.


2017-W Burnished Gold American Eagle Obverse

The obverse features a depiction of Liberty that was created by Augustus Saint-Gaudens. It was well over 100 years ago that this design made its first appearance, but today it is still widely considered to be among the most beautiful U.S. coin designs of all time.


2017-W Burnished Gold American Eagle Reverse

The classic design on the obverse is paired with a modern design on the reverse. This side shows the work of Miley Busiek. A family of bald eagles can be seen at their nest. One of the adults is just returning while the other adult is waiting with their eaglets.