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Accurate Topography of Mount Everest Presented on a Coin!

This Ultra High Relief Mount Everest coin is the second issue in Coin Invest Trust’s (CIT) grand 7 Summits collection. While there are 7 Summits, there is only one Everest; the world’s tallest mountain, now in 5 oz. of .999 pure silver!

Unlike the long climb to the top of Mount Everest’s majestic peak, this coin’s availability may be short. CIT has already announced its entire mintage is sold out!

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The 7 Summits 2017 - Mount Everest

The 7 Summits Collection

CIT’s prestige soared to new heights when they released the first coin in their 7 Summits collection in 2016. Mount Denali was presented in 5 oz. of .999 fine silver, with smartminting-enhanced high relief. The precise detail shown on every ridge and valley was unprecedented, and only achieved through the use of 3D topographic maps of the mountain.

Peaks of Mount Everest

Following the success of Mount Denali, the peaks of Mount Everest are now projected on the surface of CIT’s latest 7 Summits release! Like on Denali, the 3D topographic maps were used to accurately recreate the earth’s tallest mountain. Mintage has been heavily limited to only 777 coins, in honor of the 7 Summits.


Mount Everest Reverse Design

2017 7 Summits - Mount Everest Reverse Design.

The reverse design makes this coin stand out, not just figuratively, but literally. Those who have climbed Everest, wish to do so, or have taken an interest in the adventures of others who have, will love going over this coin closely and examining its stunning detail. The ultra high relief created by smartminting gives the holder not only a visual representation of the mountain, but also a true feel for it. Refined selective colors and the coin’s natural silver toning integrate beautifully into the design to present snow-capped peaks. Inscriptions around the jutting peak provide the name of the mountain, its location and its world-record elevation – “8848 M.”


Obverse Design

2017 7 Summits - Mount Everest Obverse Design.

The obverse design is familiar to anyone who has been collecting coins for any length of time.  It is Ian Rank-Broadley’s right-side effigy of Queen Elizabeth II.  Rank-Broadley shows the reigning monarch with a tiara atop her head. “ELIZABETH II” is inscribed along the rim, as are “COOK ISLANDS” and “25 DOLLARS.”