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The Chergach Meteorite Crater, Struck on a Coin!

Collectors with an interest in astronomy are sure to appreciate the 2017 release in the very popular Meteorite Impacts collection, which commemorates the Chergach Meteorite! This issue boasts a unique strike that has never been seen on a coin before. Only 2,500 coins will be minted, all of which have already sold out at the Mint.

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Meteorite Impacts Series

The Chergach meteorite fell to earth in early July of 2007, so this release is fittingly timed for the tenth anniversary of the event. The Meteorite Impact Series of coins that has been commemorating these amazing occurrences has actually been around for 14 years, beginning in 2004. Since its inception, the series has evolved considerably, with perhaps the biggest improvement being the introduction of “deep impact strikes,” which make each coin unique.

Struck like a Meteorite!

A product of Coin Invest Trust (CIT), this coin was struck from .999 fine silver and weighs ½ of a Troy oz. of silver. Its production included breakthrough technology (literally) that produced stunning design elements like nothing we have seen before. The coin actually has an irregular concave deformity and cracks through its surface, just like the crater left by the Chergach Meteorite! Best of all, a small piece of the actual Chergach Meteorite can be found on the surface of the coin.


Chergach Crater Reverse Design

2017 Meteorite Impacts - Chergach Crater Reverse Design

The concave shape of the reverse brings to life the striking image of the impact point of a meteorite slamming into the earth after speeding through millions of miles in outer space. The coin was designed through the use of smartminting technology and the use of an “overstrike.” The latter is what created the hole that can be found at the center of each coin. The strong impact that this strike makes on each coin makes it appear as though the meteorite struck and went right through the coin itself. Unlike traditional minting, this strike impacts each coin differently, which is why no two coins that use this technology are exactly alike.


Classic Obverse Design

2017 Meteorite Impacts - Chergach Coin Obverse Design.

The obverse features a convex design with a strike-through at the center, with the hole mimicking the impact of the meteorite. Because of this unique design element, Ian Rank-Broadley’s portrait of Queen Elizabeth II is not at the center, as it is on other Cook Islands issue, but set off to the left and miniaturized. The monarch’s name joins the coin’s country, date and face value along the rim.