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Boasting the highest relief in the Marine Life Protection Coin Series!

Coin Invest Trust (CIT) has drawn the Marine Life Protection Coin series, which began in 1992, to a close. This 2017 set consists of two stunning, colorized coins that celebrate a pair of the world’s most familiar and beloved sea creatures – the seahorse and the dolphin. CIT’s new smartminting technology made it possible for these exciting releases to have the highest relief in the entire series!

The coins, entire mintage of just 500 each has already sold out from CIT!

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2017 Marine Life Protection

The Marine Life Protection collection has been an annual favorite of SCUBA divers, snorkelers and ocean conservationists, as well as anyone who can appreciate natural marine beauty. This year’s editions are Silver Proof Piedforts. Both coins were issued by the Republic of Palau and weigh 2 oz. The limited mintage and the colorized, ultra high relief designs make these coins highly collectible.

Seahorse Reverse Design

The first coin shows a right-side profile of a seahorse swimming beside a coral reef.  The stunning creature is executed in fine detail, while colorized fish are also included.  Just like divers, collectors who examine the image closely discover hidden secrets, such as the silver-camouflaged eel in the lower left.

Dolphin Reverse Design

On the other coin, a dolphin emerges playfully from the right side of the coin and appears to be studying the viewer. As with the seahorse, this sea creature swims along a colorful reef that is abundant with life, including a clownfish, which fans of Finding Nemo are sure to recognize.

Obverse Design

The coins in this issue feature a common obverse consisting of a pair of mermaids, one of whom waves in the holder’s direction. In the distance, the sun sets on the sea horizon.