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2017 Magnificent Life Cobra Coins have already sold out from the Mint!

Coin Invest Trust’s (CIT) Magnificent Life collection enters its third year in 2017, with an impressive coin commemorating one of the most venomous animals in the world - the Cobra!

The entire mintage for this release has already sold out from CIT while still on presale, so it may not last long. Be among the first collectors to get this issue!

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Magnificent Life Series

The Magnificent Life collection is perfect for nature lovers, in that is shows some of the most beautiful creatures on God’s green earth. It started back in 2015 with a male peacock, followed by a wasp spider in 2016 and it finally presents the incredibly venomous Indian cobra in 2017.

Intimidating Cobra Design

Production of this 1 oz. .999 fine silver coin was highly limited to only 999 issues, which certainly aided to its quick sellout from the Mint. CIT’s smartminting technology has created a truly stunning coin - ultra high relief with selective gloss and colorization brings this cobra to life!


Reverse Design

2017 Magnificent Life - Cobra Reverse Design.

At once stunningly beautiful and extremely dangerous, the serpent spreads its hood as a defense mechanism and flicks its forked tongue out. Although this is often assumed to be threatening, it is really just a way for snakes to gather more information about their surroundings. The hood of the snake includes elements of black, white and blue while the rest of its skin is varying shades of orange. Taken in together, this stunning design makes it appear as though the creature is ready to strike the holder!


Obverse Design

2017 Magnificent Life - Cobra Obverse Design.

The coin’s obverse features Ian Rank-Broadley’s right-side effigy of reigning British monarch Queen Elizabeth II, which is familiar to collectors throughout the world.  The queen is shown wearing a tiara.  Rim inscriptions include her name, as well as the country, face value and date of the coin.