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2017 Isle of Man coins in silver and gold!

2017 Isle of Man Angel Coins

The Isle of Man has issued Gold and Silver Angel coins since 1984 and 1985 respectively. These coins have been popular collector standbys for decades. They are commonly given as gifts wishing the recipient good health and good fortune. The 2017 issues of these iconic series are struck by Coin Invest Trust (CIT), the high-tech, private Mint based in Lichtenstein, using their exclusive smartminting© technology. This year’s impressive Silver Angel coins are Piedfort (double thick) issues, struck in high relief and on .999 pure silver planchets weighing 2 oz. The silver issue has a limited mintage of just 999 pieces. There is also a 1/2 g. version available struck in .9999 pure gold with a low mintage of 15,000 units.

All 2017 Isle Of Man

Sold Out At Mint
2017 Isle of Man 2 oz High Relief Silver Angel - Piedfort Proof Coin NGC PF69 UC ER Exclusive Angel Label
Price: $179.00
As low as: $173.72
Price: $99.95
As low as: $97.00

Reverse Designs

angel man! isle of man!

All New Angel Design in High Relief!

The images used on the Gold and Silver issues are the same. This year marks a redesign of the timeless image of Saint Michael slaying the dragon. The entries this year use a redesigned mirror image of the previous issues struck by the Pobjoy Mint. This image was sculpted and engraved by Raphael Maklouf, the designer of the “Third Portrait” of Queen Elizabeth II. Saint Michael, facing left is pictured standing above a dragon. His lance is piercing the dragon’s neck, while his shield protects him from the fire emanating from the dragon’s mouth. Above Michael’s head appears a halo and above the halo the Triskelon, the traditional symbol of the Isle of Man appears.

Obverse Designs

angel man! isle of man!

The obverse of the design features the “Fifth Portrait” of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. This effigy was designed by Britain’s Royal Mint engraver Jody Clark. Mr. Clark is the first engraver to design a Royal Portrait of a British Sovereign in over a century.