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Ichthyosaur Fossils in Silver and Gold!

Coin Invest Trust’s (CIT) wildly popular Evolution of Life collection enters its third year by commemorating the ichthyosaur! Like previous editions of the coin, there are two versions: one gold and one silver with selective rose gold plating. The gold coin was struck from .5 grams of .9999 fine gold and measures 11mm. Its silver counterpart was struck from .999 fine silver and weighs 1 oz. 15,000 gold pieces have been issued, but that coin’s silver counterpart will be far scarcer, with only 999 issued.

The 1 oz. silver coin has already sold out from CIT! These popular coins will not last long !

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Astonishing Designs of History

CIT’s Evolution of Life collection started out with a pair of fossil images of creatures from the Paleozoic Era. The Ammonite was the first issue in 2015, and the Trilobite followed in 2016. These coins take the collection into the Mesozoic Era, which is often called the “Age of Reptiles.” While the series is geared toward collectors who have interests in the theory of evolution and archaeology, this transition to larger creatures is sure to capture the imagination of an even wider audience.


Ichthyosaur Reverse Designs

2017 Evolution of Life Ichthyosaur Reverse Design.

The reverse images on these two coins are very similar, as both were created through the use of smartminting and bear images of fossils of the ichthyosaur’s scleral eye ring and pointy teeth. Due to its smaller diameter, the gold coin does not include as much of the creature as its silver counterpart.  Another difference is that the background of the silver coin makes it appear as though the fossils remain in the rock, while the gold coin has a plain background. The rose gold plating of the silver coin also makes the fossil stand out more.


Bank of Mongolia Logo Obverse

2017 Evolution of Life Ichthyosaur Obverse Designs.

The obverses of both coins feature the Bank of Mongolia’s logo, as well as inscriptions in Mongolian. Additional inscriptions include the face value, purity and weight of each coin.