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2017 China Silver Panda

2017 China Silver Panda

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In 1983, the China Mint struck the first “Silver Pandas” in a series that would become one of the most popular silver bullion coin series in the world. First struck as proof coins from 27g. of .900 fine silver, these coins went through a few changes over the years. In 1987-1989, the composition of silver Panda coins were upgraded to 1 Troy oz. of .999 fine silver, the diameter of the coin was switched from 38.6mm to 40mm, and Mint State bullion coins began to be struck.

This composition defined the China Silver Panda bullion coin series for the next 26 years, until 2016, when the silver content of the Silver Panda was switched from its typical 1 Troy oz. weight to a metric weight equivalent of 30g. Although the silver weight was slightly decreased, the legal tender value of 10 Yuan has remained. This new weight will be present on all future issues, including the now-available 2017 China Silver Pandas. In response to the anticipation that was surrounding their official release, the 2017 Silver Panda mintage was increased to 10 million pieces.

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2017 Silver Panda Reverse Design

The China Silver Panda coin series is renowned for its stunning reverse designs. Always featuring a panda, or in some cases multiple pandas, these designs have changed in style and quality over the years. What really makes collecting the series a pleasure, is their annually changing design! Thousands of collectors enjoy adding each new design to their growing collections in hopes of one day having a complete set.

2017 China Silver Panda Obverse Design

Unlike the reverse design, the obverse design of the Silver Panda coin has remained the same over the years. It depicts the Temple of Heaven, a famous bit of Chinese architecture located in the southeastern part of central Beijing. Along with this design, Chinese characters that read “People’s Republic of China” and the year of issue are displayed on a thick, matte border.