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CIT has Introduced Several Spine-Chilling Additions to their Skull Coin Series!

In 2016, Coin Invest Trust (CIT) used their exclusive smartminting technology to strike the first-ever ultra high relief silver coin struck in the shape of a human skull. In 2017, they brought several new skull coins to the table - the 1 oz. Silver Pirate Skull, the 0.5 g Golden Pirate Skull and the massive ½ Kilo Silver Big Skull.

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The Silver Pirate Skull and Big Skull coins have already sold out from the Mint. Don’t miss out on these spooky new coins from CIT! Ungraded coins are available now for presale, and graded options will be available later in November!

Skull Series

Last year saw the unprecedented collector popularity and technological breakthrough of the Skull No. 1 and Gold Skull. While the tiny, 0.5 g Gold Skull was a very simple design, the 1 oz. Silver Skull No. 1 boasted a detailed, ultra high relief strike. When combined with an antiqued finish, this relief caused the coin’s design to appear uncannily real!

Sinister New Designs

The same finishes and smartminting technology have returned to the table in 2017 as CIT mints their 1 oz. Silver Pirate Skull and ½ Kilo Silver Big Skull. Accompanied by the new 0.5 g Golden Pirate Skull, these releases are sure to bring an eerie shade to your coin collection.



Golden Pirate Skull


The Golden Pirate Skull wears a depiction of a human skull on its reverse, with crossed bones behind it. The quintessential pirate’s Jolly Roger symbol, it served as a feared picture for sailors and merchants all across the seas in the late 17th century. Now struck in 0.5 g of .999 fine gold, 15,000 issues have been struck and our ready to be added to your collection!


Skull coins!

Pirate Skull


The Pirate Skull features an ultra high-relief human skull image which is missing some teeth but adorns his fearsome look with traditional Pirate earrings and a head covering bandana knotted at the side.


Spooky coin!

Big Skull

The Big Skull is just that – big. Similar in appearance to the original skull coin, Skull No. 1, the Big Skull takes size to an entirely new level with a massive silver composition - ½ Kilo of .999 fine silver! This skull’s spine-chilling grin is the largest of all, and its eerie detail and texture is enhanced by the application of an antiqued finish. Only 555 of these Big Skull coins have been struck.

Don’t miss your chance to add the latest installments of this sinister new series to your collection! The CIT 2017 Skull coins struck for Palau are sure to be a hit with collectors. These spectacular skulls will ship in October and November, right around Halloween – the spookiest time of the year!

Since some of these coins are already sold out from the Mint, and mintages on the 1 oz. Silver Pirate Skull and ½ Kilo Big Skulls are so limited, if you wait, they might be gone!