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2017 Australia Silver Kangaroo

2017 Australia Silver Kangaroo


2017 Australia Silver Kangaroo Coins

The Australian legal tender Silver Kangaroo coins are a proud release from the Perth Mint. Officially debuted in 2016, Silver Kangaroos found massive success when their sales hit $10 million before the year was half-over! Struck from 1 oz. of .9999 fine silver, it is unknown if the popular reception of the Perth Mint’s Silver Kangaroo was due to its high silver purity from such an esteemed Mint, the fact that it was represented by Australia’s best-known mammal, or a simple combination of both. It is expected that the Perth Mint’s unlimited mintage for the Silver Kangaroo will allow sales to climb even higher in 2017!

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2017-P Australia Silver Kangaroo Coin Design

The 2017 Silver Kangaroo carries the same design as the first issue in 2016. This depiction of a leaping kangaroo over a stylized sunburst, surrounded by a border of fine, wavy lines compliment the inscriptions “AUSTRALIAN KANGAROO” and “2017 1 oz 9999 SILVER” that appear on this border along with the Perth “P” Mint mark.

The obverse design shows Ian Rank-Broadley’s famous effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. While this is no longer the current definitive portrait of the Queen of England after it was replaced in 2016 by Jody Clark’s design, it has graced the obverse of commonwealth coinage since 1998. “ELIZABETH II,” “AUSTRALIA,” and “1 DOLLAR” all appear on the design.