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2017 American Gold Eagles: Now Available at ModernCoinMart!

2017 American Gold Eagles

2017 American Gold Eagles are now available for pre-order from ModernCoinMart! Shop our large selection of raw and certified American Gold Eagles now and enjoy free shipping on every coin!

About American Gold Eagle Coins

The American Gold Eagle coin series began back in 1986, after it was authorized by the Gold Bullion Coin Act of 1985. Since then, the series has become one of (if not the) most popular gold bullion coins in the world. Struck out of .9167 fine (22-karat) gold, these “Gold Eagles” are legal tender under the U.S. government, and are minted in four different denominations and Troy weights: $50 1 oz., $25 ½ oz., $10 ¼ oz., and $5 1/10 oz. This modern beauty celebrated its 30 year anniversary in 2016, and in 2017 you can purchase the first issues of a new decade!

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Reverse Design of the 2017 American Gold Eagle

The reverse that will be used on the 2017 American Gold Eagle coins is designed by Miley Busiek just for the American Gold Eagle series. Created back in 1986, this design features a family of bald eagles at their nest. The father is flying back to his mate and their young, bringing an olive branch to add to their nest. The inscription “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” arcs across the top of the coin, “ E PLURIBUS UNUM” with “IN GOD WE TRUST” reside on either side of the design, and “1 OZ. FINE GOLD~50 DOLLARS” rest below.

Obverse Design of the 2017 American Gold Eagle

The obverse design that will be used on the 2017 Gold Eagles was crafted over 100 years ago by artist Augustus Saint-Gaudens. It depicts Liberty standing, holding the torch of freedom and olive branches to symbolize peace, with rays of sunlight shining out behind her. The inscription “LIBERTY” arcs across the top of the design, the year “2017” rest across the sun rays on the lower-right section of the design, and a line of 50 stars encircles the entire design.

Saint-Gaudens was commissioned by President Theodore Roosevelt to redesign the coinage of the nation, beginning with the $20 Gold Double Eagle. After several years and many modifications, the design that Saint-Gaudens created for the double eagle caused Roosevelt to declare the first issue the most beautiful coin ever made.