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2017 5 oz. Silver ATB Ellis Island Coins are now available!

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Ellis Island: Gateway to Freedom

Ellis Island was the largest immigration station in the U.S. from 1892 up until its closing in 1954. The station helped over 12 million immigrants finish the process of becoming U S citizens during those years. It was deemed the “Island of Hope” for most, however for some it was a sad place where family members were broken up and ended up being deported back to where they had come from. Today it is a National Park landmark and hosts over 27.5 acres which spans into two states; New York and New Jersey – the latter of which is where the hospital resides and that is the state listed in the records for the landmark and on the coin.

Ellis Island ATB Coin Design

The reverse design for this silver coin was crafted by Sculptor Phebe Hemphill, a Sculptor-engraver, and by designer Barbara Fox, in the Artistic Infusion Program (AIP). The design encompasses a typical immigrant family coming to America, full of hope and wonder while dreaming of a better life for them all. The previously mentioned hospital is in the background of the design and still stands strong today in the Upper New York Bay. The inscriptions on the reverse of this coin includes “ELLIS ISLAND,” “NEW JERSEY,” “2017” and “E PLURIBUS UNUM.” A maker’s mark of “BF” is located on the bottom portion of the design to signify the designer.

The obverse of this coin incorporates the traditional design by John Flanagan in 1932 with a depiction of the U.S.' first president, George Washington, in a left facing profile. It has the basic inscriptions of “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” "LIBERTY,” "IN GOD WE TRUST” and “QUARTER DOLLAR,” which signifies the face value of the coin. This is the standard design used on all of these America the Beautiful quarters. This design of the obverse is not slotted to be changed for the remainder of the series.

America the Beautiful Series Information

Enacted into law in 1872, Congress saw the need to preserve the national parks for all to enjoy for years to come. They have since classified over 1,200 national parks that encompass 100 nations. Only a portion of the U.S. national parks will be immortalized on the 5 oz. silver coins. The first coin in the series was struck in 2010 and celebrated the Yellowstone national park, located in the North-West corner of the state of Wyoming. The striking of this 5 oz. Silver Ellis Island coin is the 39th in the series and stands to be a valuable addition to the program.

Why buy this Large 5 oz. Silver Coin?

Celebrate our nation’s history with a substantial reminder of how our countries population was formed. Whether you collect for historical reasons or are just wanting to add silver to your stack – this coin will satisfy both of those venues. The coin can be purchased in its original government packaging for safe keeping or get the graded version to keep the coin safe and secure for years to come. Be sure to pick up this great Ellis Island ATB today.