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Sunshine Minting 1 oz. Silver Buffalo Round
Made in USA

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Sunshine Minting 1 oz. Silver Buffalo Round - Made in USA
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Sunshine Mint 1 Oz Silver Buffalo Round

Sunshine Mint is an Idaho-based precious metal producer with facilities all over the world. It is also the leading supplier of silver planchets to the United States Mint, which are used to mint various silver coins. It also supplies private companies with top-quality silver products such as these one-ounce silver Buffalo rounds.

These rounds depict the popular design by James Earl Fraser that first appeared on the Indian head, or Buffalo nickel, which shows a realistic Native American on the obverse, and a buffalo or bison on the reverse. Both symbols are quintessentially representative of the United States and the American West.

The image of a Buffalo is believed to have come from a Buffalo named “Black Diamond” that was in the Central Park Zoo in New York City at the time Fraser was working on the design for the nickel.

Unlike many other silver rounds and bars that use this famous design, these rounds are different because they employ a new, state of the art security feature called “MintMark SI.” This feature appears on the reverse side of the round that has the inscription, “1 TROY oz .999 FINE SILVER.” This security feature will also be used on future products from Sunshine Minting.

When viewed through a special decoder lens developed by Sunshine Minting at one angle, the center of the Buffalo image shows the word, “valid.” But when the angle is shifted 90 degrees, a sunburst appears in the same location, providing a second security check of the silver round.

Why purchase Sunshine Mint Buffalo silver rounds?

In addition to the attractive design of these rounds, their “MintMark SI” security feature provides the bullion investor with a full-proof way to determine the authenticity of their silver rounds.

In addition, these rounds are available for a low premium over their silver content, and they are priced at the same approximate level as similar rounds that lack the security feature.

Weight in Grams:31.1 g
Weight in Ounces:1 oz
Grading Service:Uncertified
Country:United States
Mint:Sunshine Mint
Dimensions:39 mm

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