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Terms and Conditions: Split Pay Policy

Split Pay allows you to purchase certain items through installment payments over a specified amount of time. This Split Pay Policy governs the terms of your purchase from the Company using Split Pay.

Approval of a Split Pay purchase is subject to credit approval as determined by "your credit card provider"; and is further subject to Company's evaluation of your request for credit by means of a Split Pay payment option. You agree and authorize Company to access your credit score and other consumer information necessary in order for Company to evaluate your request for credit using the Split Pay payment option. Company agrees that it will not charge you any additional interest or fees for your purchase using Split Pay.

The amount of the installments on a Split Pay purchase will be calculated as follows: The product price will be divided by the number of monthly installments. Shipping and handling and applicable taxes will be added to the first installment. In some instances, the product price cannot be paid in precisely equal installments. When that occurs, the first installment payment may be adjusted appropriately, usually only by a few cents, to make sure the purchase price is paid in full.

The following example demonstrates how the aount of each installment will be calculated. A customer orders a product through the Company website, with a purchase price of $250 through a three month Split Pay installment offer. Shipping and handling is $3.95 and taxes are $17.50. The first payment would be $106.45 = ($85.00 + $3.95 + $17.50). The second and third payments would be $82.50 each. (Three pays payments are broken down as such - 34%, 33% & 33% with the first payment including shipping and applicable taxes).

The following methods of payment can be used for Split Pay purchases: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card; additional methods of payment may be authorized by the Company on a case-by-case basis, in the Company's sole discretion (each referred to as a "Split Pay Eligible MOP"). Pre-paid cards and gift cards are not accepted.

By choosing to use Split Pay, you authorize Company to charge your Split Pay Eligible MOP for the first installment on the day the Split Pay Eligible Item ships. Any additional installment(s) will be charged every 30 days thereafter, without additional advance notice to you, until the price of the Split Pay Eligible Item is paid in full. (In those instances where the installment is due on a Saturday or Sunday, the payment will be taken the Friday before).

If a charge for a Split Pay Eligible Item is declined, we may resubmit it the number of times permitted by payment card rules. If the charge is declined after being resubmitted as permitted by the payment card rules, we may charge you late charges and costs of collection up to the maximum amount allowed by law. In order to avoid declines, you You agree to cooperate with Company's requests for updated contact, payment and account information. You further agree to provide us with updated information if the number changes on your Split Pay Eligible MOP or the card expires; and you authorize us to charge updated card information that we may obtain from you and have on file with your prior permission.

You must choose to participate in Split Pay at the time you place your order. Split Pay cannot be used with an existing order. By purchasing any product with Split Pay you agree to be bound by Company's Terms and Conditions, in addition to this the above terms and conditions for Split Pay Policy.

This is the end of the Terms and Conditions: Split Pay Policy. This Agreement was last revised effective October 31, 2017. Click to view the previous version.