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U.S. Silver Coins

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Types of US Mint Silver Coins

The U.S. Mint offers a wide range of Silver Coins for collectors and has been minting its own coins since 1792. From circulating silver coins to collector pieces, silver coins have shaped our understanding of modern coin collecting.

American Silver Eagles

U.S. Silver Eagle Coins were first minted in 1986 and have since become one of the most collected silver dollar series and are considered to be one of the most beautiful silver coins in the world. Coming in 1 Troy Ounce, American Silver Eagles are 99.9% pure silver. With today's aggressive market which has made some back-dated issues of US Silver Eagles difficult to accumulate, it’s no surprise that year after year American Silver Eagle coins are met with solid demand.

America the Beautiful Coins

Coming in both uncirculated and bullion versions, America The Beautiful Coins come in 5-ounce versions of 99.9% silver, making them some of the U.S. coins with the most silver! As some of the largest coins minted by the U.S. Mint, the 12-year America the Beautiful Quarters program was launched in 2010 and just recently concluded in the spring of 2021 with the 56th and final release honoring the Tuskegee Airmen Historical Site in Alabama. Over the course of the series, every U.S. state and territory had a reverse design of their own to commemorate national parks, reserves, and historical sites from each of state and territory, including the District of Columbia.

Modern Commemorative Silver Dollars

The first commemorative coin authorized by the U.S. Congress was the Colombian Exposition Silver Half-Dollar. From 1892 through 1954, the U.S. Mint would produce commemorative coins for 53 different events, occasions, or individuals – a total of 157 silver and gold coins. As well as marking important moments in American history, unlike other U.S. Mint coins, these silver commemorative pieces help raise money for important causes such as: building new museums, maintaining national monuments, preserving historical sites, and supporting various Olympic programs.


Modern United States Silver Commemoratives continue this tradition, honoring important Americans and historic events – starting with the 1982 issue of a silver Half-Dollar honoring the 250th anniversary of George Washington's birth, the first 90% pure silver coin minted by the United States Mint since 1964 (when the last 90% silver circulating Dimes, Quarters, and Half Dollars were minted), and the first silver U.S. commemorative issue since 1954.

Morgan Silver Dollars

Forged from Nevada’s Comstock Lode silver, Silver Morgan Dollars have a nostalgic and historical connection to American history as they jingled in the pockets of prospectors, pioneers, gunslingers, gamblers, and gangsters. Truly an American classic, each massive 90% pure silver vintage Morgan has witnessed a lifetime of American history, trial, and triumph since 1878, there is endless speculation and debate as to how many specific dates and varieties exist today as they were a highly circulated coin back in the day.

Peace Silver Dollars

The last circulating 90% pure silver dollar ever issued in the U.S., the Silver Peace Dollars, was struck to replace the millions of Silver Morgan Dollars that were melted down to cover the costs of America’s involvement in WWI. Minted in honor of the end of WWI, production of this post-war silver coin ended after 14 years of production. With a physical tie to a time in American History where the world hoped for a more peaceful future, the Silver Peace Dollar is a sacred addition to any collection.

What U.S. Coins Are Silver?


There are a variety of coins that have silver in them, and from countries all across the globe. In the United States, silver coins include: American Silver Eagles, America the Beautiful Coins, Modern Silver Commemoratives, Silver Morgan Dollars, and Silver Peace Dollars, all of which contain silver. Most of these coins have been specifically minted for collections, but certain US coins minted in 1964 and earlier such as the Roosevelt and Mercury Dimes, Washington Quarters, and the Walking Liberty Franklin and Kennedy Half-Dollars contain silver as well.


Did the U.S. Mint Stop Making Silver Coins?


The short answer is no. The United States Mint still mints modern coins with 99.9% silver. With that being said, the Coinage Act of 1965 did eliminate silver from certain coins due to a silver and coin shortage. Circulated coins such as dimes and quarters were prohibited from having any silver while half dollars were reduced from 90% to 40%, the majority of the coins being an alloy of copper, zinc, manganese, and nickel.


Reasons to Buy Silver Coins


Just because silver is not as valuable as gold does not mean that it is worthless. In fact, silver coins have shaped our modern understanding of coin collecting and continue to leave a legacy within the industry.

Intricate Designs

Nothing adds to a coin collection more than a beautiful and aesthetic design. With either a Reverse Proof Or Deep Cameo Finish , your collection will look that much more pleasing to the eye with any silver piece we offer. From historical moments to patriotic designs, silver offers some of the best variety to a collector’s collection.

Historic Backstories

Coins can tell a story, and with the rich history of the United States, there is no better way to know and have this history than with U.S. Silver Coins. From the sacred Peace Silver Dollars to the beautiful American coins commemorating every U.S. state and territory, silver is one of the most memorable ways for a collector to hold a piece of history in the palm of their hand.