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Silver Bullion

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What Is  Silver Bullion?


The term “silver bullion” refers to the physical purity of silver within a bar, ingot, or round, and is often purchased in these forms by coin collectors, investors, and enthusiasts. Silver bullion can at times be considered legal tender if it is issued by a sovereign mint. Bullion is also sometimes held by banks as reserve assets or by institutional investors.


What Is the Difference Between Silver Coins and Silver Bullion?


While silver bullion is highly concentrated silver of usually 99.9% purity or more, silver coins are government-issued and guaranteed to have a face value, making them legal tender. Another major difference between silver coins and silver bullion is that bullion is popular when it comes to investment purposes and normally comes in the form of bars or rounds. Sovereign Mints issue coins that are considered bullion as well. Examples of these include the American Silver Eagle, the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, and more. Bullion coins generally have an increased focus on their silver content versus more numismatic aspects like a limited mintage or special finish. 


In terms of silver bars, you can purchase whatever type and size bars suit your needs whether it is 1, 5, or 10 oz. bars, or 100-gram divisible Valcambi Combi-bars (which offers great flexibility) for the smaller investor. Or if you are looking for a bigger quantity, there are kilo and 100 oz. bars from the finest silver producing companies.


These silver bullion bars each offer something a little different whether it is the security of a Royal Canadian Mint bar with a unique serial number and assay card with matching number, or the beautiful design of PAMP's artistic bars, or the finely-crafted and U.S.-made sealed Prospector bars, among many others. Virtually all are made of either .999 or .9999 fine silver.


In terms of silver bullion rounds, you also have many choices. Most rounds are made of 1 troy oz. of .999 or finer silver. Rounds look like coins but were not made by a government mint and are not legal tender. Popular rounds include those that show the designs that appear on the Buffalo nickel and others that use the designs of classic U.S. coins. A newer type of silver round is those which are collected specifically for their unique designs like coins and carry a premium over their silver content such as Elemetal's ultra high relief silver Privateer, Mermaid Siren, and American Landmarks rounds. More of these impressive two-ounce rounds with amazing depth of relief are coming in the future because of the popularity of the first issues.


Then there is the ModernCoinMart brand of U.S.-made silver bullion products, which have a star on each round or bar and are made to exact quality, quantity and purity standards, which is .999 fine for our silver bullion. These items are made by Sunshine Minting, the highly regarded silver producer known for its quality products that also makes silver planchets for the U.S. Mint. 


Silver Bullion Coins


Silver Bullion Coins are of great interest to both coin collectors and silver stackers. Issued by sovereign mints, these silver coins are legal tender and carry a nominal face value. Popular options include the American Silver Eagle, the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, and a variety of annual bullion releases from the Perth Mint like the Silver Kangaroo, Silver Kookaburra, and Silver Koala.

What Are Silver Rounds?


Silver Bullion Rounds are a popular way to invest in silver while also obtaining an attractive product. Silver rounds are released from private mints and have no guarantee from any country, even if the design is a replica of a popular government coin. What gives a silver round its value is primarily the silver content and purity.

The obverse and reverse design of the Indian High Relief silver roundThe obverse and reverse design of the Indian High Relief silver round

What Is the Difference Between a Silver Bullion Coin and a Silver Bullion Round?


Different from silver bullion coins, silver rounds are privately minted, meaning that they are not issued by a sovereign Mint and therefore don’t have any legal value, but rather the value of a silver round is strictly based on the silver content, though this market is unregulated and highly speculative. Silver rounds can be replicas of actual silver bullion coins, but again the difference is the legal tender status.


At ModernCoinMartyou will find an extensive assortment of silver rounds, including some that are collected much the way coins are because of their stunning designs and minting techniques.


Silver Bars


ModernCoinMart offers a wide selection of Silver Bars of different sizes and types to suit all your silver stacking needs. These bars are usually made of .999 or finer silver and come from the world’s leading mints and silver producers.


What Is the Value of a 1 oz. Silver Bar?


The best way to determine the value of a 1 oz. Silver Bar is to stay up to date with the value of the current silver prices. The value of silver differs and flexes with current market prices, therefore silver bullion value fluctuates over time, and this includes the value of bullion coins, rounds, and even a 1 oz. silver bar. Beyond the market price of silver other things like the premium, mintage, and design elements, can also affect the value of a silver bar.  

If you want to know the current market value of silver, see our “Precious Metal Price Chart.”


Silver Monster Boxes


Sometimes a tube of Silver Eagles or Silver Maple Leaf coins isn’t enough. If you really want to add weight to your silver stack then check out our Monster Boxes Of Silver. While the exact packaging of Monster Boxes varies depending on where the coins were struck, these offer some incredible value.


90%, 40% & 35% Silver Coins / Junk Silver


If you are looking to stack silver at the lowest premiums, you should definitely consider rolls or bags of U.S. silver coins issued before 1965. These coins, which trade based on their silver value, include coins with 90%, 40%, And 35% Silver content. MCM offers these coins with live-feed pricing updated to reflect current silver prices.


Collecting Silver Bullion (Stacking)


Stacking silver bullion is a way of accumulating silver bullion in as many physical forms as possible. When it comes to stacking, the idea is to hold onto these precious metals for potential long-term gains. It is also a fun way for investors to create a silver bullion collection at the same time. 


Now, the different types of bullion for stacking can be broken down into three main categories all with their pros and cons:


  1. Bullion Bars
  2. Bullion Coins
  3. Fractional Bullion
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Bullion Type Pros Cons
Bullion Bars Good for bulk purchases Larger bars can be harder to liquidate
Compact, stackable shape makes for easy storage Difficult to transport due to the conspicuous nature
Bullion Coins Convenient for small investments and first time purchases Mint casings can make for bulky storage
Great visual appeal Higher premium over spot price compared to other bullion forms
May build “collectible” value over time
Fractional Bullion Often more affordable than 1 ounce versions Contains less than an ounce of a precious metal which can make calculating its value a little more difficult
Compact and easy to store Can have higher premium over spot price

There can be a number of different reasons someone might collect one form of silver bullion over another. From personal preference to investment versus a collectors goals and ambitions, there is a reason silver bullion comes in a variety of different forms – to accommodate the different needs of investors and collectors across the globe. 

Buying Silver Bullion from Modern Coin Mart


ModernCoinMart is a coin authority both nationally and internationally, setting the highest standards for quality, accuracy, and assurance. With a variety of silver bullion options available from across the globe, we make it easy to stay up to date with the latest additions to silver collections and investments.