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Silver Bullion

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Silver Bullion Coins


Silver Bullion Coins are of great interest to both coin collectors and silver stackers. Issued by sovereign mints, these silver coins are legal tender and carry a nominal face value. Popular options include the American Silver Eagle, the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, and a variety of annual bullion releases form the Perth Mint like the Silver Kangaroo, Silver Kookaburra, and Silver Koala.

Silver Rounds: A Beautiful Investment™


Silver Bullion Rounds are a popular way to invest in silver while also obtaining an attractive product. At MCM you will find an extensive assortment of silver rounds, including some that are collected much the way coins are because of their stunning designs and minting techniques.

Silver Bars


MCM offers a wide selection of Silver Bars of different sizes and types to suit all your silver stacking needs. These bars are usually made of .999 or finer silver and come from the world’s leading mints and silver producers.

Silver Monster Boxes


Sometimes a tube of Silver Eagles or Silver Maple Leaf coins isn’t enough. If you really want to add silver weight to your stack then check out our Monster Boxes Of Silver. While the exact packaging of Monster Boxes varies depending on where the coins were struck, these offer some incredible value.

90%, 40% & 35% Silver Coins / Junk Silver


If you are looking to stack silver at the lowest premiums, you should definitely consider rolls or bags of U.S. silver coins issued before 1965. These coins, which trade based on their silver value, include coins with 90%, 40%, And 35% Silver content. MCM offers these coins with live-feed pricing updated to reflect current silver prices.