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Some silver collectors are looking to obtain large quantities of Silver and want to purchase a substantial number of bullion coins. For them what is known as a silver monster box may be the best choice for their needs.

Silver monster boxes usually include 500 silver bullion coins that are in individual tubes or rolls. For American Silver Eagles that means 25 rolls of 20 coins each, and for world silver bullion coins it varies. For Canadian Silver Maple Leafs and Silver Britannias that means 20 rolls of 25 coins, while for others like Austrian Philharmonics it means 25 rolls of 20 coins. Keep reading below our product assortment to learn more about Silver Monster boxes and the benefits of buying silver in bulk

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What are the benefits of buying silver in bulk?

Monster boxes offer the silver stacker a number of advantages. First, you are buying in quantity, which translates into much lower premiums over the silver value of the coins than if you bought individual coins or another smaller quantity. Second, the boxes are sealed by the issuing mint typically with some kind of tape and that is a guarantee that you are getting an original box of coins as issued by the mint that produced the coins. The coins are essentially going directly to you from mint once you purchase them from your distributor such as MCM.

Third, because they are still sealed and unopened, the coins in monster boxes are unsearched and have not been cherry-picked for quality. That gives the buyer of these boxes the ability to search the coins in the box and look for the best ones if they are interested in having their coins professionally graded. Or they just prefer coins in original rolls for other reasons.

American Silver Eagle Monster Boxes

American Silver Eagles are often traded in green monster boxes. Each individual roll inside the box is stamped with the U.S. Mint seal, and the boxes have strapping tape around them. For 2011 to 2014 when the U.S. Mint supplemented its production of Silver Eagles at the West Point Mint with coins made at the San Francisco Mint, it stamped on the yellow strapping tape which mint made the coins. That is how purchasers of the monster boxes were able to have the coins from San Francisco certified by grading companies as having been produced there, as there is no way to tell from examining the coins. But in 2015 the Mint stopped indicating which mint produced the coins on the boxes. For more information about this exciting discovery, read this info-vault article.

Monster boxes from other world mints also use various official seals and tapes that provide the buyer confidence that they are buying an original, unopened box of coins.

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