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Silver Bullion Coins

Silver has many uses in modern society from the creation of jewelry and silverware to electrical conductors, and of course, as a popular way to own precious metals. Silver bullion is defined as highly concentrated silver that is usually at least .999 fine and can include silver bars, rounds, and of course, coins.

Silver bullion coins represent somewhat of crossroads between coin collecting and silver stacking, as such coins are issued by sovereign Mints and are therefore legal tender. Such issues generally contain a standard amount of silver. The norm is one troy ounce, but sometimes fractional varieties exist.

Whether you want to add some ounces to your silver stack or want to add some intriguing designs struck by prominent world Mints to your collection, you’ll want to browse all our silver bullion coin inventory below.

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Common Types of Silver Bullion Coins

Mints from around the world issue silver bullion coins every year. The Royal Canadian Mint releases the Silver Maple Leaf, the China Mint releases the Silver Panda, and the Perth Mint releases a wide-variety of fauna-themed bullion coins like the Silver Kangaroo, Silver Koala, and Silver Kookaburra series. Perhaps the most popular silver bullion coin among collectors today is the United States Mint’s American Silver Eagle, which was introduced to collectors around the world in 1986.